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Fuuz Apps

Fuuz™ Delivers the Pre-Built Apps You Want​

Fuuz’ industrial-strength apps are built to solve complex manufacturing and production problems right out-of-the-box. Our apps come with enterprise-grade functionality that you can personalize without source code modifications or counter-productive issues like software version control.

Fuuz Apps Instead of Point Solutions

Fuuz industrial apps, like Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Transportation Management System (TMS), are built without the limitations of typical point solutions. 

The problem with point solutions is that they are built to solve one problem.

They are singular and siloed — separate from both business processes and plant floor production. 

Need to solve another problem? That’s another point solution. And that gets complicated and counterproductive fast.

Fuuz Apps for Smart Business Growth

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or an SMB, Fuuz apps are like reusable building blocks that grow your business. 

Fuuz customers may purchase the Fuuz apps they want and nothing more. But when businesses understand that they can host their app or apps on the Fuuz platform, they start grinning. Here’s why.

  • Fuuz eliminates the time-consuming issue of how to implement the app, speeding up time to value.
  • Fuuz accelerates app deployment and usage on a robust yet easy-to-use platform.
  • Fuuz connects the app to other business software and machines for seamless data capture and sharing. 
  • Add other apps and platform features as you need them without paying upfront.
  • Fuuz acts as a platform for growth, giving businesses the flexibility to add an Applications Platform as a Service (aPaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (iPaaS) without changing providers.

Add other apps and platform features as you need them without paying upfront.

Get Started with a Fuuz App Today

What Makes the Fuuz Platform Different?

Dozens of Pre-Built Processes

They speed up implementation time, especially when compared to deployment of standard enterprise software and middleware.

Version-less Platform

The Fuuz platform is version-less. That means you can customize your solution but not be locked into a custom, but siloed, software package.

Endless Combinations

The possible feature combinations are endless, making Fuuz the smart app and platform solution for every industry.

Interested in learning more about how the Fuuz Platform can solve your most complex business problems? Get in touch today to schedule a demo or chat one-on-one with our team.