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Inventory Management System

Fuuz Monitors and Tracks Inventory Management Your Way

Whatever Inventory tracking methods you have in place, Fuuz can be set up to accommodate your process. Whether you need license plating, lot management, or a simple perpetual inventory, Fuuz does that — and does it your way. 

“With Fuuz, I can set up one screen for receiving and serial tracking and pull all of the data in and then push it back into the ERP.”

– Robert Bierwagen VP of Information Technology, Acuity Capital Group

3 Big Benefits of Inventory Management on the Fuuz Platform

You can use the Fuuz Inventory Management app out of the box and host it on the Fuuz platform. You get big-time benefits from the Inventory Management app on the Fuuz platform. Here are the top three.

  1. Track and monitor various states of inventory status within Fuuz. For example,  if Quality Assurance (QA) puts something on hold you can automatically update that inventory so it isn’t included in a picking strategy.
  2. Track lot history and expiration dates automatically using Fuuz. Lot numbering can be based on either your in-house requirements or a customer’s requirements. 
  3. Take control of lot management with Fuuz’ granular traceability that shows where things are and where they came from. 

Fuuz Inventory Management Features

Lot Tracking

Fuuz can validate and verify the inventory you have on hand at any time. All transactions in Fuuz are performed in real-time – so your reports and queries are never dependent upon an integration or batch process running in the background like other solutions.

License Plating

Get out-of-the-box lot and License Plate Numbering (LPN) with the inventory tracking and product modules that are part of Fuuz MES app. Define your lot attributes, even customer-defined lot attributes with standard configuration options. Or take on more complex requirements. That’s easy with the Fuuz library of reusable code components, accelerating and simplifying the most demanding process requirements.

Product Expiration

Track product expiration dates, set up retest dates and test lot values for all products as your process requires: License Plate Numbering (LPN) or by the carton, piece, or pallet level.

Lot Management

Use the lot management application to control which lots of material can be shipped to certain customers with visibility into customer approvals. See all LPNs associated with a specific lot without searching through multiple screens and production reports.

Use the lot management app to automatically generate emails and send alerts to notify customer service or logistics when lots reach certain milestone dates. You can even trigger retests with automatic work order creation if that’s necessary.

Andon Metrics

Fuuz integrates with Andon metrics, which can be applied to workcenter replenishment, order fulfillment, putaway and picking processes, even maintenance requests. 


With detailed information like this, you can make insightful decisions about when it’s necessary to add resources, relocate materials for more optimized picking, and other critical functions that will greatly improve your inventory processes.

Fuuz Inventory Management Advanced Features


Connect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment on your lift trucks, building entryways, and dock portals to accurately track the movement of your inventory using RFID tags. Integrate RFID with Fuuz WMS and MES to track both raw and Work in Progress (WIP) materials for an accurate transactional history of your traceability requirements. 

Use your favorite scanners and other smart devices like Bluetooth beacons, RFID, NFC, wearables and more with Fuuz – no limitations and no software enhancements required.

Responsive Screens

All Fuuz screens are built for responsiveness, meaning that the display adapts to the size of the screen it is displayed on. Your workers can do everything without switching between a PC or a Radio Frequency (RF) scanner, for example. Best of all, you can use Fuuz apps on smart devices, tablets or PCs without additional 3rd party bolt-ons.

Device Agnostic

Fuuz runs on any device with a web browser, period. The Fuuz platform and its apps have been engineered specifically to overcome the limitations of other commercial software.

Run your apps, print labels, and do whatever you need from a PC, a tablet, a mobile device, Radio Frequency (RF), and use any Operating System (OS). All you need is a browser with an internet connection on the device you’re using.

Device Gateway

Fuuz’s Device Gateway tool includes an OPC UA application. This enables machine-to-machine communication protocol that’s used for industrial automation. 

This means that, unlike other software, you’re not required to purchase additional licenses or maintain other software packages on your own servers. Your IT/OT operations just got a whole lot simpler. And you can bridge the gaps between your on-premise and cloud software without any bolt-ons.

Browser Extension

Browser Extension is a Fuuz platform tool that minimizes the need for your end users actually to log into the Fuuz application. This means that your workers can access the features and use the apps you’ve built using Fuuz without leaving the web page they happen to be on. We think this makes Fuuz the most flexible, user-friendly, and scalable solution on the market.