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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Fuuz MES: Your Business. Your Way.

Build a truly integrated MES based on your unique business needs. Use the Fuuz MES app right out of the box and host it on the Fuuz platform. 

That’s cool. Here’s why. When you host your MES app on the Fuuz platform you can build your ideal MES solution using platform tools like Device Gateway, Browser Extension, Screen Designer, and more.

You can also adapt Fuuz MES to work with the plant floor processes you have in place and connect them with the software you already have. Or, you can build a custom MES solution without buying expensive enterprise MES solutions.

Say goodbye to the days of excruciating 18-to 24-month ERP implementations. Fuuz implementations typically take a few days or weeks. You read that right. Here’s how in 1, 2, 3.

3 Big Benefits of MES on the Fuuz Platform

You can use the Fuuz MES app right out of the box and host it on the Fuuz platform. There are too many benefits to list here. So, let’s go with the top three.

  1. Fuuz customers find their implementation times are 5 to 7 times faster than other software. Here’s why. The endless combination of pre-built tools, platform features, and no-code drag-and-drop editors make it possible for business and sales teams to create their own data visualization dashboards and documents, so your developers can focus on more complex, value-driven projects.
  2. The Fuuz platform is version-less. This means you can customize your MES solution but unlike other cloud software, the Fuuz platform will always reflect the current state of the customizations you’ve made. Siloed data and time-consuming software updates are a thing of the past. 
  3. The Fuuz MES platform app allows users to build their software solution exactly how they want it. And the Fuuz MES platform has pre-built connectors that connect anything with everything else – people, processes, partners, machines, and other software.

Fuuz MES Features

Product Setup

Fuuz MES supports mixed-mode manufacturing environments for co-products, by-products, recipe, batch, and lot management. Manage your products, BOMs, and manufacturing routings directly within the Fuuz MES app.

Fuuz APIs and Work Order Dispatching

Unlike other software, Fuuz uses its own Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for a frictionless user experience. All updates happen in real-time, and all screens notify the user if something has changed. 

Some companies are work-center-centric while others are staff or operator centric. Fuuz simplifies how work orders are generated with flexible, operation-specific dispatch screens.

Product Tracking and Genealogy

Fuuz out-of-the-box MES supports product license plating, the ability to group and manage inventory in a container type the user defines. 

Lot traceability is automatic in Fuuz, and lot numbering can be based on either your in-house requirements or a customer’s requirements.

Fuuz MES also offers the granular traceability and quality control you need with lot management that shows where things are and where they came from. 

Tier One Automotive Industry Supplier uses Fuuz Platform.

Production Tracking

Fuuz production tracking helps you understand operational efficiency, capacity and resource utilization no matter what type of manufacturing method you use — even if you use multiple methods. 

And Fuuz is flexible too. User screens and operator dashboards are easy to personalize, providing the “just-right” level of interaction without distraction.


See how you can share product tracking and genealogy information with your partners and suppliers using the FuuZ EDI integration. And use the drag-and-drop Screen Designer tool to create your own certificates of analysis in minutes.

Advanced MES Features

Want more MES features? Fuuz has them. Here’s a quick tour of Fuuz’ advanced MES features. Choose what you need now and add more later. 

MES Your Way

Augment basic MES with Production Monitoring and Process Monitoring to automate manual processes. Track your equipment modes and states from a user interface so your operators can make updates. Or, use our Device Gateway tool to connect your industrial controls. No third-party applications are required!

Flexible Reporting

You can use Fuuz to report your costs. Or, Fuuz can push the information into another system, like your accounting software, payroll software, ERP, or any other software you use. And MES on the Fuuz platform comes with pre-built Connectors to most major software from QuickBooks to ADP to SalesForce and a whole lot more. Need a customer Connector? We can do that too!

Co-Product and Mass Order Production

If you have a product that is produced simultaneously with another or a product that generates a known output,  Fuuz can help you with Product Setup and Configuration. 

You can use the Fuuz platform tool, Device Gateway, to merge process data with production data for mass work orders. And Fuuz works with any machine-to-machine communication protocol such as Open Platform Communications (OPC), Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and ModBus.

The point is that you don’t need to purchase anything extra in order to use standard methods of integrating with industrial equipment.    

*OPC UA is the standard for machine-to-machine communication. It meets all requirements of the IEC61784-3 standards for security.


Robust scheduling tools within the Fuuz platform make it easy to adapt data and stacking rules that meet your particular requirements. And unlike other solutions, Fuuz customers can group, sort, and order scheduling based on any data in the platform.

Fuuz is built for adaptive functionality. What’s that? Adaptive functionality is built into Fuuz apps, tools, and platform solutions. So when your business processes change, Fuuz changes too.

MES on the Fuuz platform becomes part of a connected ecosystem. And this connectivity raises its value beyond the traditional use as a machine monitoring app.


The Future of MES is an Applications Platform like Fuuz

MES on the Fuuz platform becomes part of a connected ecosystem. And this connectivity raises its value beyond the traditional use as a machine monitoring app.

Fuuz MES is Feature Rich and Super Flexible

Process Monitoring

Track and analyze your OEE/OAE/TEEP and other important metrics with real-time information using an internet connection. You can also automate predictive quality and maintenance, forecasting when you’ll need to perform maintenance, purchase new tooling, or change recipe settings.

Continuous Production

If continuous production is your manufacturing process, this Fuuz MES feature allows you to merge process data with production data and (this is cool) incorporate Machine Learning into your processes to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Fuuz Screens

Fuuz operator dashboards, control panels, or Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are designed with complex operational workflows in mind. Fuuz screens work on any device, function within any process flow, and adapt to any department, work center, or employee.

We’ve saved the best for last. Fuuz data collection screens don’t require retraining or complex configurations to work. That’s just one of the ways Fuuz delivers faster time to ROI for our customers.

Fuuz Saves You Time and Money

We know you’re all about the results. So here are the top 3 ways Fuuz saves you time and money.

  1. Simplify your software environment, eliminating point solutions and middleware, so IT can focus on building apps that drive business initiatives
  2. Speed up app development and faster go-to-market strategies by reducing the number of software programs and apps IT teams must learn and manage.  
  3. Share meaningful data between software packages so you can monitor and measure anything – people, processes, plant floor equipment, and more.