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Transportation Management System (TMS)

Fuuz Transportation Management Automates Shipping Logistics

Whatever products you make and wherever they need to go, Fuuz out-of-the-box TMS delivers the goods. Fuuz provides robust and flexible logistic solutions for any industry from raw material manufacturing to consumer product distribution.

Spice maker Olde Thompson needed a parcel shipping integration for its hundreds of daily shipments. Using the Fuuz TMS shipping integration app, Fuuz helped Olde Thompson automate the creation of shipping labels for UPS WorldShip and FedEx, connecting this information with their ERP system, Plex.

3 Big Benefits of TMS on the Fuuz Platform

You can use the Fuuz TMS app right out of the box and host it on the Fuuz platform. There are too many benefits to list here. So, let’s go with the top three.

  1. Simplify how your logistics team builds loads, schedules inbound and outbound shipments consolidates freight, and integrates with Third Party Logistics (3PLs), parcel shippers, and much more.
  2. Manage dock schedules, appointments, and track containers, or any pre-defined collection of items, with a License Plate Number (LPN). The LPN is a pre-printed label with a unique number assigned to a container as you define it: a pallet, a box, a bag, an envelope, and so on.  
  3. Automate and configure business rules, such as seasonality requirements, the tarping of goods during shipment, and refrigeration requirements to name a few.  Manage customer requirements, including paperwork, labeling, and more with a platform subscription.

If you’re an SMB ready to start automating your business and plant floor processes, we have a priced-right solution for you. Start with the Fuuz MES app, host it on the Fuuz platform, and get exactly what you need now. As your business grows, Fuuz grows with you. No point solutions. No middleware. No problems.

Fuuz TMS Features

Load Building and Staging

Once loads are built, it’s easy to generate paperwork like pick lists, Bills of Lading (BOLs), packing slips, and even barcode labels.  And, it’s even easier to do using the Fuuz platform mobile integration solution. You can work from a desktop or just about any mobile device, including RFID integrations that eliminate manual entry and reduce human errors. 

Shipment Types

Set up multi-mode shipment types using the Fuuz Transportation Management app.  Depending on your logistics needs, Fuuz accommodates Customer, Subcontract, and Transfer shipments. And you can set up shipments by scanning the License Plate Number (LPN) so you can visually track progress, individually or by grouping them in the same load. Flexible, fast, and easy.


Eliminate manual methods of determining how many pallets, cartons or lifts can fit on a single load. Configure trailer capacities by weight or volumetric cubing calculations. Let Fuuz build loads for you — fast.

Freight and Yard/Trailer Management Business uses Fuuz Platform.

Shipping Integration

Your TMS and WMS apps on the Fuuz platform enable integrated shipping that connects with your ERP and the most popular shipping carriers or brokers. Streamline processes and de-stress your logistics teams with a simple selection of shipments and the ability to print labels on demand.

Customer Profile

This publicly traded company, currently in excess of $6B in annual revenue with a  global footprint, had been searching for the perfect enterprise-grade solution to its “silo” of data issues. 

After 3 years of evaluating different software products, they chose Fuuz over Dell Boomi, Tibco, and others.

Fuuz Advanced TMS Features

When you host your TMS, or any app, on the Fuuz platform, you can implement any business process, rules or customer requirements in hours. Can’t believe it? Here’s how we do it. 

Instead of custom development like a typical software vendor would need to do, Fuuz comes with pre-built tools and reusable code components. These platform tools accelerate the development of apps and workflows so changes you make on the platform today can be quickly changed tomorrow.


Fuuz supports single and multi-step staging processes based on your facility layout, and business process. These are simple configurations that are decided on during implementation. 

Label and pack slip printing can be done manually, or on the fly based on the workflow you decide during implementation. 

Your logistics team can view the status of any pick, in real time as they’re happening, troubleshoot, and even change allocations as required. 

Inventory Visibility

Synchronize your inventory records with Fuuz and eliminate point-to-point integrations, 3rd party software, or delayed nightly processes. Direct your logistics personnel where they need to go in real-time without missing a shipment.

Documents and Labels

Use Fuuz platform tools, Screen Designer and Device Gateway, to enable no-click printing of documents and labels during picking, staging, or loading processes.

Mobile Integration Picking Processes

Ready to ditch paper pick tickets? It’s simple. Use the Fuuz mobile integration on any device to deliver real-time picking, staging, and loading information to your workforce as things change on your shipping docks. With our picking and staging apps, you can assign picks to individual users, they can access their list of tasks and they can access the pick list on any smart device.

Like all of Fuuz’ industrial apps, TMS is feature-rich and can be used out of the box. And TMS on the Fuuz platform can connect with, well, everything: other software, processes, devices, partners, employees, and machines. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is true. Because it’s Fuuz.