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How Manufacturers Achieve Industry 4.0 with iPaaS

Whether you call it Smart Factory or Industry 4.0, manufacturers can achieve digital transformation using iPaaS, which connects enterprise software with manufacturing machines and processes, delivering automation and digital transformation of systems and processes. Introduction:

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The Truth About Industry 4.0 for Manufacturers

Industry 4.0 has many names, smart factory, IoT,  IIoT, digital thread, connected enterprise and more. But manufacturers don’t come to Fuuz for Industry 4.0. They come because they have a problem.  The manufacturing consulting industry

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MFGX Participates in Industry 4.0 Roundtable

MFGx Founder Craig Scott and Senior Sales Account Executive Craig Sorgi participated in the Industry 4.0 AMHUB roundtable, hosted by Automation Alley and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Industry leaders participated in the April 27 event to discuss “Efficiency,

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