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Fuuz MES: 7 Things You Need to Know

The Fuuz® Platform and its pre-built MES app are revolutionary approaches to managing plant floor operations. Here are seven things you need to know about Fuuz MES before considering other outdated MES solutions. 

Fuuz MES is a pre-built application that lives on the Fuuz Platform. You can use the MES app out of the box. Even better, you can extend the functionality of MES by subscribing to other pre-built platform apps like WMS, TMS, and more.


Fuuz’s manufacturing execution system app can use pre-built tools that live on the Fuuz Platform. For example, Fuuz’s Screen Designer tool makes it easy to create very personalized screens that show everything from production status to quality alerts and OEE data. 

Take charge of every step of your business with Fuuz MES.

 “With Fuuz, we reduced our receiving process from 3 hours to 20 minutes daily.”

Michael Kroll, Trans-Matic, Director of Global I.T. and Communications


Fuuz MES helps you manage, track, and automate your plant floor processes from material receiving to shipping.


Fuuz MES connects to the software you already use. The Fuuz Platform has pre-built connectors to hundreds of business and e-commerce applications. And we’re building more every day, including custom connectors.


Fuuz MES comes with pro-code application development tools. Your IT team can use pro-code tools like Schema Designer to set up the structure of a database. Database engineers want to control these data models (schema) and define how information the business needs are stored. Some systems allow you to add custom fields to an existing schema. But Fuuz allows database engineers to build it their way.


Fuuz MES also comes with low-code and no-code development tools too. People with little or no coding experience can use the WYSIWYG drag-and-drop Screen Designer to build elegant and highly personalized user interface screens for every process your business needs to track. And your business and sales teams can use the editor to create business intelligence (BI) dashboards that show the real-time status of projects and processes.

Use the Document Designer tool to build invoices, advanced shipping notifications (ASNs), barcode labels, purchase orders, and more. And this frees up the IT team to focus on deeper value tasks.


Fuuz MES delivers on the long-promised but unfulfilled opportunity of real-time visibility. That’s because ERP and business software are delivered as discrete packages, inherently unconnected. And let’s face it, the point solutions that are supposed to extend ERP’s functionality and the middleware that is supposed to connect everything just don’t work. To be honest, they are workarounds. 

Factory line of cars with hoods up, going through an inspection, and symbolizing the Fuuz solution to the auto industry’s complex platform problems.
Surveyor belt of yellow bottles moving through assembly line at factory.

But when you host your ERP or business software on the Fuuz platform, data can flow freely. So, for example, your MES app and accounting software can send and receive data to calculate machine operator labor costs. Without extraordinary workarounds. 

The Fuuz MES platform app connects to machines, equipment, people, production, processes, and more. Here’s a quick look at what you can do with MES on the Fuuz Platform.

  • Update production schedules and supply orders in real time based on news trends or social media, or even the stock market.
  • Enable planners and buyers to conduct analyses instead of pushing paper to impact your business in a way that affects your bottom line.
  • Revise pricing on the customer and supplier side based on changes in the metal market — without human interaction.
  • Send out new POs to suppliers for approval, update customer invoices, or issue credits as required — automatically.

Fuuz already has customers doing this. And it’s saving them millions of dollars annually by automating cumbersome, time-consuming, and labor-intensive manual processes.

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