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Fuuz® Adds New Device Gateway Features

Fuuz® Adds New Device Gateway Features to Give Manufacturers the Edge in Production Monitoring

New Edge Flows enable customers to implement business logic exactly where they need it


Fuuz®, a Michigan-based manufacturing execution system (MES) platform, recently introduced several new features to its proprietary Fuuz Device Gateway solution that give manufacturers an “edge” in monitoring and addressing production issues through high-volume data collection directly from plant floor machines.

In manufacturing, the edge is usually the piece of equipment or workstation where data is being collected. The Fuuz Device Gateway’s new Edge Flows provide the advantage of deploying at the edge—or as close to the collection point as possible—so customers can collect more data and do so more reliably than they can with other applications.

“Fuuz is the only vertically integrated cloud native manufacturing software that enables customers to implement business logic exactly where they need it in their systems,” said Craig Scott, founder and CEO of Fuuz. “This is revolutionary for manufacturers because there’s no other commercial solution that connects your plant to the cloud the way Fuuz can.”

For example, Fuuz’s new Device Gateway Edge Flows bring a new level of control and monitoring enabling machine-to-machine communication previously requiring separate SCADA software and specialized hardware. Customers can design data flows using the same familiar tools they are used to. They can also easily design and deploy using the Data Flow Designer, just like they would for iPaaS, the web, and other flows. And, as new versions of the data flow are deployed, the Device Gateway will automatically detect those deployments and update the running flow.

The Fuuz Device Gateway meets Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPCUA) standards for machine-to-machine communication as well as requirements of the IEC61784-3 standards for security.

Additional new Fuuz Device Gateway enhancements include:

  • Data Flow Comparison. Identify a summary of nodes which were added, updated, or deleted in a specific version of a data flow.
  • Grid Container Layout. Create fixed-size layouts of tiled elements that users can rearrange simply by dragging and dropping.
  • Schema Designer – Date and Time. Support three date and time use cases for notes and sorting.

“Our focus is on transforming operations and driving productivity to new levels with the Fuuz platforms, integrations, and applications that create a scalable environment that manufacturers will never outgrow,” said Scott.

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About Fuuz

Fuuz® by MFGx is a next-generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform with supportive processes that help companies of all sizes gain full visibility into their global operations, automate manual processes, and accelerate their digital transformation — without the expense of new enterprise software. The Fuuz MES Platform can be extended with pre-built manufacturing modules, platform tools for rapid application development and integrations for all major ERPs, legacy software and the other solutions manufacturers use every day. MFGx is a Michigan-based manufacturing software company with more than 20 years of hands-on experience. For more information, visit