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Fuuz Announces Ambitious Sales Support Growth Target After Record Customer Acquisition Year

Fuuz Announces Ambitious Sales Support Growth Target After Record Customer Acquisition Year


Fuuz, Michigan-based manufacturing and integration platform, is targeting a 300% growth in internal sales support on the heels of experiencing a 75% increase in new customer acquisition in 2023. The company expanded its workforce by 240% last year and plans to achieve its sales department target within six months.

Surging demand for the Fuuz MES Platform across all manufacturing verticals can be attributed to a number of factors. “We see major manufacturers with complex operations choosing the Fuuz MES Platform because our ultra-secure cloud infrastructure enables deep development capabilities,” said Craig Scott, Founder and CEO of Fuuz.

“Another differentiator is that our platform is compatible with all major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and features pre-built connectors that make it easy for manufacturers to integrate business software and organize data into a centralized database for informed decision-making,” said Scott.

In addition to these platform differentiators, Fuuz IIoT Integration supports Production Monitoring, Process Monitoring, and Machine Monitoring, all of which are in high demand among manufacturers seeking end-to-end visibility into and control over their operations.

“The Fuuz MES Platform is version-less, and we seamlessly deploy major software enhancements monthly, ensuring our customers always have access to the latest technology and a seamless user experience,” said Scott. “But now, our focus lies with growing our team to support the product’s recent success so that we can continue providing our customers with solutions that not only improve operations but also boost their employee satisfaction and retention.”

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About Fuuz:

Fuuz® by MFGx is a next-gen Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform designed for companies seeking full operational visibility, process automation, and rapid digital transformation. With pre-built manufacturing modules, seamless integrations to all business systems, and over 20 years of proven expertise, Fuuz stands as the optimal solution for manufacturers aiming to streamline operations and accelerate their digital evolution. Customers span all manufacturing verticals and include Inteva Products, American Axle & Manufacturing, Olde Thompson and Sanders. Explore the future of manufacturing at