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New Screen Designer Enhancements Give Users More Control

Fuuz® xPaaS Platform’s New Screen Designer Enhancements Give Users More Control Over Dashboard Look, Feel and Functionality

Customized intelligent screens allow companies to track complex operational processes

AUBURN HILLS, MI.   MAY 10, 2023

New features recently added to the Fuuz® Manufacturing Platform as a Service (xPaaS) enhance the user experience with the Screen Designer tool to more easily configure dashboard displays that fit their business needs. The Fuuz Platform and its pre-built modules such as Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)  are revolutionizing the way manufacturers manage, track, and automate plant floor processes from material receiving to shipping.

“Fuuz customers often have complex operational processes and need to track data such as machine recipes, production routings and bills of materials at a very deep level,” said Craig Scott, founder and CEO of Fuuz. “Screen Designer enhancements allow our customers to create extremely intelligent screens with more controls and features than ever before.”

Screen Designer is a standard feature on the Fuuz Platform. It includes the Fuuz User Interface (UI) Builder and Dashboard Designer functions. UI Builder gives companies more power to customize the presentation layer with drag-and-drop ease. The Dashboard Designer function transforms data into compelling, easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards for any business process, from sales to shipping, production or other displays.

Major new enhancements to the Fuuz Platform Screen Designer tool include:

  • Rapid personalization of dashboard components using Screen Designer widgets. The widgets can be reused on various human-machine interfaces (HMIs) or other screens created in Fuuz, which means users can make one update and immediately push it out to all of the screens on the shop floor at the same time. This can save hours or days of work and ensures app consistency for all users.
  • Ability to render PDFs and other documents or images directly in a company’s manufacturing solution. Users no longer have to hunt around or click through numerous tabs to see work instructions, pack prints, product drawings and other important necessities when building products or facilitating processes. This new feature, combined with other native Fuuz capabilities, provides digital work instruction options, streamlining the manufacturing or assembly processes and reducing training requirements for end users.
  • Capability of enhancing tables to allow inline table editing and conditional formatting. This includes text and other values, as well as specialized workflow action buttons in tables that automate business processes and eliminate redundancy of effort. Meaningful data, provided to your users with the right context eliminates the need for exporting to and running your business in excel spreadsheets.

Scott said that these enhancements are just an example of the many updates that are continually made to the cloud-based, version-less Fuuz Platform. “We constantly improve Fuuz by automatically releasing a continuous stream of intuitive enhancements that help our customers work faster, better and smarter,” he said. “This eliminates the need to schedule downtime for updates or training and ultimately saves companies time and money.”

Visit the Fuuz website for more information or to schedule a demo.


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