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2023 in Review: Fuuz by MFGx’s Milestone and Achievements

As we drive into the new year, we want to look back at 2023 and recognize the vehicle that brought us our achievements and progress: the amazing team we have at Fuuz by MFGx. Our pride and admiration for them brings to mind a quote by iBrand Authority CEO Ifeany Enoch Obuoha, “Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen behind the scenes.”

And magic is truly what it felt like in 2023.

In August, in order to keep up with our 75% growth in new customer acquisition and 240% in new employee growth, we expanded our operations and opened a new, state-of-the-art HQ facility in Rochester Hills, MI, that we absolutely love. The larger building will not only accommodate our continued progress but will also serve as a comfortable space to welcome partners, expand our ecosystem, and serve all manufacturers who are looking for a cutting-edge ERP-agnostic manufacturing solution.

Enhancing the Fuuz MES Platform was another priority for our team in 2023 because we take pride in putting the latest technologies into the hands of our customers. Our engineering team deployed an astonishing 12 major software releases within the platform, with over 475 new features, functions, and enhancements! Here’s more on that:

Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) Features

We took efficiency to the next level with an integrated approach to our Fuuz APS module that extends the principles of finite scheduling to incorporate a broader range of resources and constraints, including attributes such as color, size, and more.

We wanted to reduce scrap through better material utilization and create a scheduling engine that supports forward, backward, and midpoint scheduling options in addition to the application’s “infinite” capacity option. And we successfully accomplished that. Other key features of our Fuuz APS module include:

  • Resource Diversity: Considers a wide array of resources, each with distinct capabilities, capacities, and attributes.
  • Attribute-Based Scheduling: Takes into account product attributes, allowing for more accurate and specialized scheduling.
  • Constraint Management: Handles multiple types of constraints, ensuring schedules adhere to limitations while optimizing production efficiency
  • Optimization Algorithms: Utilizes advanced algorithms to generate schedules that reduce setup changeover times and minimize lead times.
  • Visualization Tools: Provides intuitive representations of schedules, enabling users to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks.

Maintenance Management

A stat that really stood out to us last year was that unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers, as a whole, an estimated $50 billion each year. Not only that, but it can also cut into a facility’s productive capacity by 5% to 20%! We wanted to figure out a way to combat the issue. Our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) module aims to do just that.

Our CMMS tracks assets, maintenance schedules, checklists, labor, downtime, subsystems, and item usage — all on one intuitive dashboard! The benefits include:

  • Reduces downtime by 20-50%
  • Delivers a maintenance cost savings of up to 10-15%
  • Extends the lifespan of your assets by 20%

Sources: Plant Engineering, UpKeep

New Gateway Features

We also announced new Fuuz Device Gateway features to enhance industrial internet of things (IIoT) capabilities and manufacturing monitoring. Manufacturers can now seamlessly integrate and monitor their IIoT devices with the new Fuuz MQTT Client Driver.

In addition to this, we:

  • Expanded connectivity options
  • Added new device driver installation capabilities
  • Introduced HTTP server, relay, and subscriptions
  • Created Device Gateway automatic update capabilities

Screen Designer Enhancements

Screen designers, your requests have been answered! We worked hard in 2023 to enhance your user experience by rolling out updates that provide you with enhanced user flexibility so that you can control the dashboard look, feel, and functionality.

Here’s a little more detail about those updates:

  • Rapid personalization of dashboard components using Screen Designer widgets
  • Ability to render PDFs and other documents or images directly in a company’s manufacturing solution
  • Capability of enhancing tables to allow inline table editing and conditional formatting

Launch of New Customer Support Community

We’ve got an online support community! This module-monitoring support service, launched in October, is helping Fuuz MES Platform customers in all manufacturing verticals gain the insight needed to improve their productivity. We are proud to be ERP-agnostic and hope to empower and educate companies through this online community. Moving forward, we will continue to improve it as we garner feedback.

All in all, 2023 was a fabulous year for Fuuz and we couldn’t be more proud! To all our supporters, partners, clients, and team members, thank you for an amazing year and here’s to continued success and growth in 2024!