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Supply Chain Brain Video Featuring Craig Scott, CEO, Fuuz®

Title: Challenges Faced by SMBs in Adopting Technology

Craig Scott, CEO of Fuuz, discusses the challenges that many SMBs face when trying to acquire technology.

Watch the video excerpt above.


Industry Week Video Featuring Craig Scott, CEO, Fuuz

Title: Case Study: Is Your Technology Keeping Pace with Your Company's Growth?

Craig Scott, CEO of Fuuz, and Bob Bierwagen, VP of Information Technology at Acuity Capital, a customer of Fuuz, share a case study of a company at a crossroads with four distinct businesses under one umbrella. They discuss how Fuuz Platform as a Service (xPaaS) helped connect Acuity Capital’s people, systems, and equipment on one consolidated platform with fewer integration points and the flexibility to address their unique business needs.


Design World Article Featuring Craig Scott, CEO, Fuuz

Title: Top industrial connectivity and digital-transformation trends: Part 2 of 2

Craig Scott, CEO of Fuuz details the holistic approach needed for an operation to realize a digital transformation within their organization.