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Take Control of Your Factory Floor with Fuuz®

The solution to your complex operational challenges is here. It’s the Fuuz MES Platform.

Data is king in our fast-paced, digital world and you need full visibility into every corner of your plant floor and production processes at all times. Leverage the Fuuz MES Platform to monitor, track, document and control your manufacturing processes, from the time a raw material enters your facility until it leaves as a finished product.
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From Legacy to Leading Edge: Mastering Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
Watch Fuuz and Logical Systems Inc. (LSI) to discover why and how companies have broken down barriers, established new processes, and shifted away from inflexible legacy enterprise business systems.

Are You Ready to Close the Digital Transformation Gap?

Our experts specialize in helping batch, process and discrete manufacturers of all sizes get their digital transformation initiatives across the finish line. Get started today by signing up for a free assessment that will identify your pain points and operational challenges, as well as opportunities to solve them.
Case Study

MPI Corporation

MPI has an excellent IT team with deep development capabilities. They were achieving their objectives but believed there was a better toolset. When they discovered the Fuuz MES Platform, they saw a product that could truly meet their needs at a level beyond their expectations.

The Fuuz MES Platform Powers...

MES/ERP illustration

Create a Connected Manufacturing Ecosystem with Fuuz

The cloud-based Fuuz MES Platform has a lot more under the hood than your typical manufacturing management solution. It comes with all the tools you need to enable product setup, work order dispatching, product tracking and genealogy, flexible reporting and other processes.

Plus, it can be extended with Advanced Production Scheduling, Warehouse Management, Computerized Maintenance, Quality Management and other modules. Our solution eliminates the need for multiple vendors whose solutions weren’t designed to “talk,” simplifying your tech stack and resulting in a cost savings. The Fuuz MES Platform was designed to grow with you and new modules can be added at any time. 

You can also use pre-built connectors to integrate all major ERPs, third-party apps, legacy software, and the other business solutions you use every day. And no-code, low-code and pro-code tools make it easy to configure your solution exactly the way you want it, freeing up more time to focus on what matters most – growing your business.


Fuuz Connectors Integrate Anything and Everything

We know. That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Every manufacturer knows the deal – you invest in a solution thinking it’ll connect to your existing hardware, software and processes, only to find out there’s a piece or two missing and you need a third-party vendor to fill the gap. Suddenly, you’re working with a dozen different vendors, spending more than you wanted and things probably still aren’t perfect.

Here at Fuuz, we do things differently. We have a pre-built connector for virtually everything and, if we don’t, we’ll make one for you – fast.


Out-of-the-Box Industrial Strength Modules

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

WMS on the Fuuz MES Platform is limitless. When your business and operational requirements change, the app changes to accommodate your processes — your way.
View WMS

Advanced Production Scheduling

Advanced Production Scheduling

Maximize efficiency and minimize waste with an integrated and sophisticated approach to production scheduling.
View APS

Quality Management

Quality Management System

Minimize your cost of quality while delivering a consistent product every time. Achieve an up to 40% reduction in cost of quality (COQ).
View QMS

Computerized Maintenance Management

Computerized Maintenance Management

Plan and schedule preventative maintenance with ease to minimize downtime. Achieve an up to 45% reduction in downtime.

Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

Whatever products you make and wherever they need to go, our TMS module delivers the goods. Use it to create schedules, shipping labels and negotiate rates.
View TMS
Digital transformation in the era of Industry 4.0

Fuuz: Your Ultimate Solution for Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0 and Beyond

Industry 4.0 and beyond represents the next frontier of manufacturing, characterized by smart factories, automation, data-driven decision-making and seamless connectivity. To successfully navigate this digital revolution, companies need a robust cloud manufacturing software solution that integrates seamlessly with their ERP.

Fuuz Helps Manufacturers in all Industries


Fuuz Integrations for Business

Machine Integration

Enable seamless connectivity and data exchange between your manufacturing equipment and cloud-based software. Real-time monitoring and control of production processes starts here.

ERP Software

Push and pull data in real time with connectors for NetSuite, Oracle ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and other ERPs. Consolidate your data into a centralized system with our ERP-agnostic solution. 

Third-Party Apps

Our modules and rapid app dev tools replace the need for most third-party apps, but we know some tools are hard to let go of — and that’s OK. That’s where our pre-built connectors come in.