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fuuz - powered by MFGx

Founder’s Message

Craig Scott, Founder and CEO of Fuuz®

I’m a manufacturing guy and an entrepreneur, and I enjoy leveraging my depth of experience to build software solutions that enable fellow manufacturing enthusiasts to be their best.

Founder and CEO of Fuuz, Craig Scott, at his desk.

 After graduating from college, I worked at a manufacturing business where I encountered the AS400, one of the earliest ERP systems. It intrigued me. From that moment on, I was fascinated by the information I could put into the AS400 and the applications I could write to get information out.

That’s when I first started to wrap my mind around manufacturing systems and how we can improve the flow of data and the connectivity of things with technology. This informed my thought process, as well as the companies I’ve built in the years since.

I developed and launched the Fuuz Platform in 2018 through my company, MFGx. Fuuz is a digital operations platform, built with the latest microservice architecture and security and delivered as a multi-tenant SaaS cloud solution. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of manufacturers and makers of all shapes and sizes across diverse industries. 

Fuuz is a better solution. Here’s why:

When a company with manual processes and Excel spreadsheets investigates their first ERP, they’re like a kid in a candy store. Their eyes are wide and they’re taking in all the wonderful things that this software is going to do for them. We see buyer euphoria — they get hooked by the impressive demonstrations and positive answers to their questions.

About halfway through the software implementation process, however, some level of buyer’s remorse usually sets in. This is usually due to poor communication about expectations early in the process.

Many companies come to the Fuuz Platform after they’ve realized the error of their ways. Fuuz is a revolutionary solution. It delivers genuine Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities to our customers. It allows manufacturers, both large and small, to be resilient and fleet-footed during tough times, but also enables them to meet the ongoing challenge of continuous growth and profitability.

It’s never too late to correct the course and get things back on track. We’ve done it many times and with hundreds of organizations over the years. And I can say with confidence: We can do it for you and your company too.