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Sanders worked with the Fuuz® Platform to solve their Point of Sale challenges.

Sanders is a collection of brands that produces high-quality, health-minded snacks and treats. With three distinct brands — Second Nature, Kar’s and Sanders — they were missing a method to integrate data into their ERP.

The Challenge

In 2016, Sanders was on the hunt for a new Point of Sale (POS) system. Their system at the time had no solution available to integrate data into their ERP. Additionally, the POS reporting was insufficient to support a manual effort. They were missing a solid connection between platforms — the company was wasting valuable manpower trying to bridge this gap.

“We now look at tasks with a revised lens of endless opportunity. It is exciting to wield the possibilities when considering a path toward achieving our goals. The Fuuz® Platform is a go-to solution.”

The Solution

Initially, the team at MFGx developed an interface to solve their POS problems. In 2020, Sanders expanded its use of MFGx products by upgrading to the Fuuz Platform which allowed for additional automations to replace several manual tasks. These automations allowed for unprecedented achievement of Second Nature’s daily ERP visibility in sync with their disparate POS system.

The Result

In addition to improving their POS and ERP systems, Fuuz helped Sanders scale new capabilities in several other areas of their business, including inventory management, transportation and shipping. Fuuz now captures activity data across multiple e-commerce environments and dropship programs, and automatically processes it to invoice into their ERP. Today, they are enjoying upgraded functionality of a new inventory management system, accounts payable automations and 3PL shipping partner integrations.


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