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Shape Corporation

Shape Corporation’s headquarters after working with the Fuuz Platform.

Shape Corporation is a Michigan-based global leader in multi-material impact energy management and lightweight body structures. Utilizing the very best in ultra-high strength steel roll forming, tight tolerance aluminum extrusions and large tonnage injection molding, Shape serves an array of industries, including automotive, office furniture, medical, agriculture and more. Founded in 1974, the privately owned family company manages 17 facilities worldwide in North America, Europe and Asia.

The Challenge

Shape Corporation implemented ADP in 2018 but was trapped into dual maintenance tasks with its HR master data. Staff spent twice the amount of time on data entry and had accuracy issues. Its HR system of record and ERP system weren’t in sync. They needed to eliminate the dual maintenance and automate the employee management process as much as possible. Shape management wanted just one set of tasks in one place instead of multiple tasks in two systems. The company updates roles and permissions, conducts onboarding and offboarding, and updates information on approximately 750 employees each month. Shape needed an integrated solution. 

“The MFGx team is open to collaborative and flexible discussions regarding method and options. The Fuuz® Platform establishes a great foundation and partnership for Shape to develop future integration opportunities.”

The Solution

The Fuuz iPaaS integration with ADP consists of two components linked together on Shape’s instance of the Fuuz Platform. The first step was to provide software capable of capturing events triggered by ADP’s event processing system. The second step was to build a custom Human Capital Management (HCM) endpoint in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. The custom endpoint supports user creation, updates and termination integrated with over 70 unique fields in Plex. Finally, the two ends are mapped together using Fuuz’s Scripting Language.  

“We can map as much or as little of the employee’s information back into Plex as the customer requires using the Scripting Language,” commented Shape Director of Development Mike Medwith.

The Fuuz applications platform delivers iPaaS integration with ADP and Plex ERP. ADP is now the HR system of record with the core data items replicated and efficiently returned to Plex. P

The Result

The ADP integration with Plex brought a unique set of challenges. Using Fuuz iPaaS, Shape has eliminated the majority of dual maintenance tasks and bridged the two solutions, meeting its requirements. 

Shape implemented the Fuuz iPaaS integration with ADP and five Plex PCNs, and is in the process of bringing its foreign region PCNs into ADP as well. The forward-thinking development of the integration ensures that data will then automatically flow into Plex ERP. 

“We knew that the MFGx team would be able to help us navigate any necessary adjustments as we worked our way through the process. The Fuuz applications platform establishes a great foundation and partnership for Shape to develop future integration opportunities,”  said Michelle Potter, Business Analyst II.

The Fuuz team’s knowledge and experience with Plex ERP accelerated the ADP integration to meet Shape Corporation’s needs and exceed expectations. 

“We were breaking new ground; building an integration that had not previously existed with Plex. The MFGx team has both depth of knowledge of Plex HR and a long and cooperative relationship working with the counterpart development staff. They’re authorized to write code/procedures, not simply provide reporting, and have developed other Plex integrations,” said Michelle Potter, Business Analyst II.


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