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From Legacy to Leading Edge: Mastering Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Uncover the secrets to achieving a real digital transformation within your manufacturing operations. Join us as we take a deep dive into the future of manufacturing technology and the business processes required for building an agile, future-proof enterprise.

Webinar On-Demand: From Legacy to Leading Edge: Mastering Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

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Overview: All manufacturing companies have heard the buzzwords: Digital Transformation, IoT, Machine Integration, Industry 4.0; but do they live up to the hype? And, if so, how do you achieve digital maturity? What needs to be in place?

Join Fuuz and Logical Systems Inc. (LSI) to discover why and how companies have broken down barriers, established new processes, and shifted away from inflexible legacy enterprise business systems. During this insightful discussion, we will explore industry challenges and strategies for overcoming them, paving the way for a smooth transition to innovative cloud-based manufacturing solutions.

Uncertainty is the only certainty in the future of manufacturing. Learn how to mitigate disruption and thrive with a proactive approach to your operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Unbiased Perspective: Gain insights into the state of digital transformation in manufacturing through our expert panel discussion.
  • Operational Challenges Drive a Dependency on 3rd Party Solutions: Understanding the challenge & cost of bolting on disparate applications and keeping data in sync.  
  • Benefits of Extending ERP: Learn the advantages of extending ERP systems with a manufacturing platform versus the complexities of replacing them. 
  • Creating Digital Urgency: Discover how a lack of digital maturity is holding manufacturers back and explore strategies to overcome these barriers.

The manufacturing revolution is here; will your organization join in or be left behind? Register now to join this insightful discussion and discover the secret to building a future-proof digital manufacturing enterprise. Seats are limited; secure yours today!


Craig Scott, Founder & CEO MFGx

Craig Scott

Founder & CEO


Craig Scott, Founder and CEO of Fuuz by MFGx, brings over 25 years of dedicated experience to revolutionizing manufacturing operations across diverse industries. With a master’s degree in manufacturing and a background as an executive and owner in the field, he has been instrumental in driving efficiency and innovation, culminating in the development of the groundbreaking Fuuz platform.

Jim Kunz, MES Architect & Lead Project Manager Logical Systems Inc.

Jim Kunz

MES Architect & Lead Project Manager

Logical Systems Inc.

With over 35 years of experience in the Specialty Chemical industry, Jim Kunz began his journey in process engineering and control before moving into IT and corporate leadership roles, where he implemented MES and ERP systems. During his 11-year tenure at LSI, he has guided the implementation of numerous batch control and operational intelligence solutions across many industries. Throughout his career, Jim has focused on optimizing manufacturing processes and integrating business and manufacturing systems to optimize business processes.