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FUUZ's MES modules

Process Monitoring

Fuuz® Process Monitoring Captures Data for Deep Insights

Whether you have one manufacturing location or many, Fuuz Process Monitoring captures data from your plant floor machines and equipment so you can analyze the performance and stability of your processes.

When combined with the Fuuz MES and WMS solutions, Fuuz Process Monitoring captures data such as temperature, pressure, Revolutions per Minute (RPM) vibrations and so on. This data, which lives on the Fuuz Platform, helps drive continuous improvement. It identifies potential product quality concerns, and supports production scheduling/execution, predictive or preventive maintenance as well as predictive or preventive quality assurance.

Process Monitoring Dashboards

Think of Fuuz’s Process Monitoring Dashboards like those you have in your car. Things like how many volts are being produced by the alternator, what’s the oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature and so on. 

These are the processes you need to monitor to prevent an engine breakdown. When a problem occurs that will affect performance, Production Monitoring will eventually tell you. If your unit production drops, for example.

Process monitoring is proactive, so you can address the issue before it impacts production.

“The team at MFGx/Fuuz has been one of those rare groups that doesn’t just talk about being dedicated to our success, they demonstrate it consistently in their actions. And in solving our issues and needs, they keep in mind the bigger picture of how to evolve Fuuz in a fashion which improves the usability and functionality for the market and not just an individual client.”

Mark McDonald, VP, Information Technology, MPI Corporation

Fuuz also does Production Monitoring. That’s all about capturing data about the status of your machines and equipment as it relates to production activity. 

3 Big Benefits of Process Monitoring on the Fuuz Platform

Process Monitoring, an extension available for the Fuuz MES app, lives on the Fuuz Platform. There are so many benefits of hosting your apps on Fuuz. Here are the top 3.
Close up of factory line with product on the belt, symbolizing Fuuz’s ability to work with many parts of a greater logistical system.

The Fuuz Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integration supports process monitoring with high-frequency and high-volume data collection from machines and equipment. Most machine learning algorithms are applied on top of IIoT data for predictive analytics, maintenance and other functions. The IIoT integration also includes robust tools for analysis and charting.


Monitor the processes most important to the business. When your data sources live on the Fuuz Platform, you can monitor things like quality control, statistical process control (SPC), shipping and logistics, and manufacturing metrics like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), overall asset production effectiveness (OAE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP) and more.


Connect to any device or machine within your four walls, send data in real time to the platform, then display the data collected and even stream video to your dashboards for real-time context.

Capture, Analyze and Aggregate Data on Fuuz

You choose the process attributes you want to monitor. Then use the Fuuz Platform tool Screen Designer to create visually stunning dashboards. The easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor enables business executives and salespeople to build a dashboard in minutes. If the data source lives on the Fuuz platform, you can analyze it. 

Perk Alert: You don’t need to purchase third-party point solutions or middleware to build dashboards and documents. So you save both time and money.

Process Monitoring Drives Continuous Improvement

Process monitoring identifies potential quality concern issues with products, scheduling and execution, predictive or preventive maintenance as well as predictive or preventive quality. Data captured by Fuuz Platform apps such as MES, WMS or TMS can be used for process monitoring that drives continuous improvement.

Fuuz is compatible with all equipment, sensors, monitors, or other hardware in both process and production monitoring. The point is that Fuuz is agnostic. Our customers are future-proofed and will never be locked into working with a specific vendor. Many hardware vendors offer companion software to their sensors or other equipment. But these are closed-loop, proprietary systems —  so you’re stuck buying everything from that vendor. We’re talking about you Allen-Bradley. 

Fuuz’s Device Gateway Tool Delivers Production Monitoring Your Way

Dashboard of machine, symbolizing Fuuz’s Process Monitoring app power in capturing data and analyzing it.

The Process Monitoring dashboard shows you things just like the dashboard in your car: Revolutions Per Minute (RPMs), Equipment Speed, the gear in which a machine is running, how much gas (materials) you have and so on.

The consequence of not monitoring these processes is that the engine may break down, which will impact your production performance. For example, if the oil overheats and you don’t know it, your production monitoring will eventually tell you this. 

The purpose of Process Monitoring is to be proactive, so that if your units produced drops, you can address the issue before it impacts the production monitoring side of things.

Exhausted, a manufacturing executive sits with a weary expression, contemplating Fuuz Platform as a Service (PaaS) on his laptop.

The Fuuz Device Gateway tool supports Process Monitoring by making sure that critical tag values aren’t lost if your internet or network connections fail. The values are stored until the connection with the Fuuz cloud happens. 

Cost-saving feature. Once your cloud connection to Fuuz is restored, all critical tag backups are destroyed. That way, you’re not maintaining expensive servers and too many redundant backups. 

White collar male employee pointing at his laptop as he learns about the connection power the Fuuz MES Platform provides his business.

The Device Gateway tool also bridges the gap between cloud and on-premise software and devices. The gateway eliminates the security risk of providing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to your team or contractors when setting up your IoT monitoring. That’s because all of the configurations are done in the cloud.

A man sits alone, deep in thought, with a laptop in front of him. His contemplative gaze hints at the complexity of legacy manufacturing software.

The built-in Fuuz Historian is extremely valuable because everything is done within the platform. In addition to sensor-level data, you can contextualize the information about the production state and product quality. You can even use machine learning capabilities to implement predictive quality and predictive maintenance — because everything you need is on the Fuuz Platform.