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FUUZ's MES modules

Production Monitoring

Fuuz® Production Monitoring for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Fuuz Apps are built to take on complex manufacturing environments. Need to monitor multiple crews, co-products and production rates that change from one product to another? No problem. That’s what we do.

What Exactly Is Production Monitoring?

Production monitoring automates the collection of data on the mode or state of your machines and equipment at preset times throughout the day. It tracks conditions such as running or not, starved, blocked and so on. 

All of this is necessary to determine OEE, Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP), Overall Asset/Production Effectiveness (OAE), or other operational KPIs like utilization, efficiency and quality, all of which make up the OEE calculation.

Production Monitoring is used to identify a problem once it occurs so you can fix it fast. But Fuuz does more than tell you when a machine is or isn’t running. Fuuz gives you the details about whether your machines and equipment are running to your designated requirements.

Fuuz also does Process Monitoring. That’s all about capturing data from your plant floor machines and equipment so you can analyze the performance and stability of your processes before a problem occurs.

5 Big Benefits of Production Monitoring on the Fuuz Platform

The Production Monitoring app gives you insight into all aspects of plant floor equipment operations. You get so many benefits and here are the top 5.

Integrate seamlessly with your industrial controls and equipment. Here’s the cool part. You don’t need third-party applications like Kepware, Wonderware or other machine-to-machine communication protocols.


Get OEE and downtime metrics right out of the box with Fuuz. Track all activity, even for the apps you create. So you’ll always have a complete audit trail with date/time stamps, the user, and the job sequencing before and after values.  


Collect polling data from your industrial equipment, up to four times per minute, with Fuuz’s Machine Monitoring. This results in very accurate measurements and visualizations that can be converted to OEE/Quality and Performance KPIs.


Track Modes, Events and Sub-Events to monitor workcenter efficiency and utilization.


Enhance Product Tracking and Genealogy workflow, adding Lot and/or Heat traceability to the native serialized inventory. Fuuz is unique. Unlike other systems, you can set up very rigorous Track and Trace requirements or keep it simple, and, if you don’t need a lot of traceability, Fuuz can easily adapt.


Fuuz’s Device Gateway Tool Delivers Production Monitoring Your Way

Employee working in a production monitoring environment while utilizing Fuuz’s Production Monitoring app.

Use the Fuuz Platform tool Device Gateway to connect to anything within your network. If your machines aren’t already connected, we can help you design a solution quickly and cost-effectively. We also work with several partners that specialize in various levels of the International Society of Automation (ISA) standards.

Surveyor belt of yellow bottles moving through assembly line at factory.

The Fuuz Device Gateway tool makes it easy to configure Fuuz Production Monitoring to your exact requirements. The gateway runs as a service on a small virtual machine, so you can connect to your equipment without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

The Fuuz Device Gateway provides bidirectional, real-time integration between your end users and your equipment. For example, you can interact with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) cycle counter directly from the cloud-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) created in Fuuz.

The Fuuz Device Gateway also includes a built-in Store and Forward capability. Store and Forward is a data communication technique. A message sent from an automated system is stored in an intermediary device called a Store and Forward server before being forwarded to the receiver.

PERK ALERT: Fuuz users don’t pay extra for administering the additional databases that support Store and Forward. It’s just another way that Fuuz simplifies the Information Technology (IT) and the Operational Technology (OT) environment for our users — and saves them money.

Did you know that you can share product tracking and genealogy information with your partners and suppliers using the Fuuz EDI integration? You can. And you can use the drag-and-drop Screen Designer tool to create your own certificates of analysis in minutes.

Fuuz Simplifies Data Sharing for Enterprise Customers

For enterprise customers who need to share dashboards or reports with their suppliers and customers, Fuuz supports this through external user setups. 

The multi-enterprise architecture of Fuuz and its cloud SaaS platform enable IT and OT teams to collaborate and extend functionality beyond their four walls. 

As with the rest of Fuuz’s standard apps, there are dozens of different operator interfaces you can choose from to simplify and accelerate your IT projects.

Fuuz Manufacturing Customer Gets the Solution They Need

The Situation

This tier 1 supplier produces quality machined components and assemblies for automotive industry OEMs using the Just in Time (JIT) production methodology.

The Problem

The business had to prove to its OEM customer that it could keep up with production. They needed a solution and needed it fast.

The Evaluation

After evaluating several other products, the supplier chose Fuuz for its radical flexibility and ability to work with their processes in order to meet the OEM’s needs.

The Solution:

Fuuz worked with their existing and customer-approved dashboards so the automotive supplier could track efficiency from anywhere at any time via web or mobile. 

Using the Fuuz Platform solution, the supplier now automates the production of OEM Reports, transmitting them via email or Electronic Data Interchange.

The company leadership is thrilled with the interfaces and the built-in responsive design so that data display screens perform brilliantly on mobile devices.

For more details about the manufacturing supplier solution, get the PDF.