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FUUZ's MES modules

Quality Management System (QMS)

Fuuz® Quality Management Monitors Manufacturing Processes

Fuuz’s QMS is based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. This enables continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing workflows.

When you set up your Fuuz QMS module, you are choosing how you want to define your PDCA cycle. Those choices will inform how you will track production processes to fix problems as they occur and how you use process monitoring to anticipate problems and prevent them before they occur. 

Fuuz QMS is a front-line process. This means that Quality Assurance processes are embedded and distributed across all Fuuz modules and tools. 

Customer Quality Scenario

This maker of thermal management systems for automotive, heavy truck and recreational vehicles was in a pinch. Awarded a brand-new project from the most well-known electric car manufacturer, they needed to be up and running quickly. 

The Quality Control (QC) requirements were strict with a short timeline to complete. To fulfill the requirements, the manufacturer had to set up new trading partners, be able to print barcode labels at different steps in the process, and communicate with their machine builders to ensure everything met the specs. And to prove that they could produce a quality part, this Fuuz customer had to track the required data and share it.

Fuuz completed the project in four months. And the OEM was so impressed with the output of Fuuz that other suppliers are now lining up to get a similar implementation. Best of all, the manufacturer is expanding its use of Fuuz to more locations.

Fuuz QMS Helps You Make It Right

Fuuz QMS captures data from real-time entries made by equipment operators or the equipment itself to track manufacturing production and processes. This means that you’ll run a more effective business — and when you make a product, you’ll make it right.

Employee in yellow hard hat and safety vest is inspecting product while using the Fuuz Quality Management System.

Benefits of Fuuz QMS

  • Define, improve and control processes
  • Reduce waste
  • Prevent mistakes
  • Lower costs
  • Facilitate and identify training opportunities
  • Engage staff
  • Set direction for the organization

Fuuz QMS Isn’t Done Yet

Here’s a checklist of all the things you monitor with Fuuz QMS:

  •  Lot control/Lot management features
  • Inprocess inspections/Checksheets
  • Product quality tracking
  • Process quality tracking
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) charting
  • Integration with inventory and MES functionality
  • Integration with industrial test equipment
  • Integrate with gages, PLCs, scales, etc.
  • Attach images to inspections
  • Assign quality checks to workflows like inventory status, work orders and more

Fuuz Tracks and Measures What Food and Beverage Businesses Need

Fuuz QMS tracks the production and process quality issues of particular interest to process manufacturing customers. 

  1. Temperatures
  2. Humidity levels
  3. Metal detection
  4. Product weights

Need something more? Just ask.

Fuuz Tracks and Measures What Discrete Manufacturing Businesses Need

  1. Product dimensions
  2. Specifications
  3. Tolerances
  4. Variable and attribute inspections

When you make products using Fuuz, quality assurance is built-in and set up to reflect the way your business works.