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FUUZ's MES modules

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Fuuz® Warehouse Management Is Fast and Flexible

Whether you manage multiple warehouse facilities or one, Fuuz has out-of-the-box features that fast track implementation. How fast? You’ll be up and running in days or weeks, not the typical months or years of many cloud software solutions.  

Time is money, right? Fuuz reduced the receiving process from 3 hours to 20 minutes a day for Trans-Matic, a leading global supplier of essential precision deep drawn metal components and value-added solutions.

Fuuz Warehouse Management the Way You Want It

You don’t have to settle for a fixed WMS where you shoehorn your processes to fit the software. Fuuz WMS is ready to go out of the box and can be deployed in minutes, not weeks or months. You can select from dozens of options to configure the solution exactly the way you want it, ensuring it works just the way you need it to. Plus, it’s easy to integrated other software you already have with Fuuz.

6 Big Benefits of Fuuz WMS

Employee moving forklift of product while utilizing the Fuuz Warehouse Management System.
You can use the Fuuz WMS module right out of the box. There are too many benefits to list here. So let’s go with the top 6.

Fuuz WMS comes with dozens of pre-built solutions and tools, so you’re up and running super fast. You control the module, but it lives on the Fuuz MES Platform for ultimate security and lightning fast speed.


The Fuuz MES Platform is version-less. This means you can configure Fuuz WMS to work the way you need it to, but your solution will never be out of date or siloed from your data, machines, processes and other software.  


Tracking raw material inventory from the time it is first received in the building until it ships out to a customer has never been easier. MES software typically only tracks inventory once it is brought to a work center or through production and until it is moved to an inventory staging area, but Fuuz WMS tracks inventory throughout the manufacturing lifecycle for full license plating, lot tracking and traceability.


Directed Picking and Directed Packing help you optimize the delivery of material to manufacturing or assembly lines.


Fuuz WMS connectors to scanners, iPads, smart devices and dynamically sized screens for use by hi-lo drivers and material handlers.


The Fuuz WMS module delivers extra features standard, including inventory, RFID tracking, scale integrations and more.

WMS on the Fuuz MES Platform is limitless. When your business and operational requirements change, the module changes to accommodate your processes — your way.

Fuuz WMS Features

Visual depiction of a Warehouse Management System: Box on Conveyor Belt

Set up facilities to represent physical buildings, create tenants for the facilities then manage them separately or as part of an enterprise. Even set up multi-level locations inside a facility.


Visual depiction of a Warehouse Management System: Worker in a warehouse using technology.

With Fuuz WMS, it’s easy to track cycle counts and activities relevant to the count. The system audits and validates the results, which you can share with the business office or push the information via Fuuz’s applications program interface (API).


Fuuz can validate and verify the inventory you have on hand at any time. All transactions in Fuuz are performed in real time — so your reports and queries are never dependent upon an integration or batch process running in the background like other solutions.


You can choose the picking features your business needs with features like warehouse guided routes to speed up picking, anti-collision routes to reduce warehouse injuries, and even inventory controls such as First in First Out (FIFO) or First Expired First Out (FEFO).

Fuuz WMS integrates with Andon, giving operators the ability to halt work when they see a problem and escalate the issue until the situation is resolved. If lean manufacturing is your goal, the Fuuz Andon integration is invaluable and will save you countless hours of production downtime.


An industrial forklift gracefully maneuvers through a well-organized warehouse, showcasing the seamless coordination and optimization facilitated by advanced manufacturing software.

Fuuz WMS can integrate with your existing Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) to automatically deposit and retrieve inventory from a defined storage area. 


Connect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment on your lift trucks, building entryways and dock portals to accurately track the movement of your inventory using RFID tags. Integrate RFID with Fuuz WMS and MES to track both raw and Work in Progress (WIP) materials for an accurate transactional history of your traceability requirements. 


This Fuuz tool enables users with an internet connection to access WMS, or any app on the platform, using their device of choice. PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Radio Frequency (RF) technology and industrial devices — use any of these to access Fuuz.


The Fuuz Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) tool simplifies bidirectional integrations. Use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)? That’s cool. You can get complete and detailed transaction information using Fuuz iPaaS with WMS. Go even more granular with work order completions, transfer orders, sales order fulfilments and purchase receipts. Integrate anything with Fuuz iPaaS and do everything you want in a single system — without point solutions or middleware.


It’s easy to build barcode labels using the Fuuz Platform tool Data Flow Designer. It helps you define the required visual fields that the label needs. And the live previews make it easy for anyone, regardless of skill level, to create the perfect label. Barcode individual handling units so the process of inventory counting is as simple as scanning to verify the count. Best of all, you don’t have to buy specific hardware to print the barcode labels.


Case Study

Sanders Case Study

See how Fuuz helped this maker of fine candies integrate, well, just about everything. Multiple Point of Sale (POS) systems, inventory tracking systems, ERP and website plus ecommerce platforms were integrated using Fuuz. All metrics and reporting could be done directly from their main ERP system, including factory monitoring and automated inventory reporting.