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Fuuz® for the Automotive Industry

The engineering team at Fuuz has spent decades working with automotive clients all around the globe. Fuuz offers several ready-to-run platform solutions: xPaaS, aPaaS and iPaaS. And it comes with platform tools you can use to easily configure Fuuz so you can meet your OEM requirements. Oh, and don’t forget about the library of reusable custom code components that speed up app development so you can go to market faster.

6 Ways Automotive Suppliers Succeed with Fuuz

Whether you deal with the OEMs or tiers, you’ll find the capabilities of Fuuz far exceed any other commercial package available. Here’s what you can do on Fuuz.

Streamline and automate your supply chain and logistics needs and provide a single source of truth across the company.
Capture manufacturing, warehousing and quality information in real time and use that information to act quickly on containment issues or opportunities for continuous improvement.
Assign quality checks to workflows like inventory status, work orders and more.
Monitor practically anything:
Lot control/lot management features
Inprocess inspections/checksheets
Attach images to inspections
Production quality tracking
Process quality tracking
Statistical Process Control (SPC) charting
Integrate with practically anything:
Inventory and MES functionality
Industrial test equipment
Gages, PLCs, scales, etc.
You’ll also see continuous improvement opportunities that have never been available, giving you an edge over the competition.
Factory line of cars with hoods up, going through an inspection, and symbolizing the Fuuz solution to the auto industry’s complex platform problems.

Create Customer-facing Documents Using Fuuz Platform Tools

It’s fast and easy to meet the precise needs of your OEM customers using Fuuz MES Platform tools. Use the Fuuz Screen Designer tool to create every kind of customer-facing document. Things like shipping labels, paperwork, pallet lists or anything else required. You can also configure specific rules based on your customer or ship-to location. 

Time is money. And the Fuuz Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration tool helps you save both. How? By eliminating manual data entry, errors and time delays in communicating critical information to your customers. You can even incorporate Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) with your process inside Fuuz.

How Fuuz Helped an Automotive Supplier Succeed

This global manufacturer with annual revenues of approximately $1 billion makes interior components for the automotive industry.

Key Success Factors

  • Solve several functional gaps with current ERP and Plant floor data systems.
  • Build a proprietary chemical mixing solution for a facility in China.
  • Solve custom document requirements for automotive OEMs in Europe.
  • Create custom mobile applications to aid in the staging/loading and pallet building to meet OE requirements.
  • Use Fuuz as the global MES/IoT Platform.

After 18 months of evaluating software solutions to meet their needs, this automotive supplier decided on Fuuz. 

They found that the depth and breadth of the Fuuz MES Platform would allow them to replace a minimum of six other antiquated internal software systems. Instead of purchasing custom mixing software for a new acquisition in China, they learned they could build any application they needed directly within the Fuuz Platform. 

Fuuz closed several functional gaps in their ERP system using the platform tool Browser Extension. Connecting their ERP system to the Fuuz Platform in real time enabled them to access the data needed to meet exacting customer requirements. 

Since then, the automotive supplier has also implemented custom mobile scanning solutions with Fuuz to meet the needs of BMW and VW in their German facilities. 

Finally, the platform tool Screen Designer has proven immensely valuable, eliminating the need for third-party solutions to generate locale-specific forms and documents that pull data from multiple disparate systems.