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Chemical, Plastics and Rubber

Fuuz® xPaaS for the Chemical, Plastics and Rubber Industries

Chemical, plastics and rubber companies play an essential role in society and make many of the products we use every day possible by converting raw materials into more than 70,000 diverse products, including medical equipment, automotive parts, disinfectants and packaging. The industry must store, transport and deliver materials and products across complex global supply chains while meeting strict government regulations and reporting requirements.

6 Ways Chemical, Plastics and Rubber Industries Succeed with Fuuz

Streamline and automate your supply chain and logistics needs with a real-time, single source of accurate data across the business and its trading partners.
Take charge of your plant floor, from materials receiving to product shipping, with visibility into every step of the product lifecycle and access to the data in your ERP and business software.
Embed quality assurance (QA) production processes to fix problems as they occur and use process monitoring to anticipate problems and prevent them before they occur.
Capture data from real-time entries made by equipment operators or the automation of equipment to track manufacturing production and processes. You’ll run a more effective business — and when you make a product, you’ll make it right.
Share meaningful data between your ERP and business software packages, and even access on-premise data so you can monitor and measure anything — people, processes, plant floor equipment and more.
Group and manage inventory by container type that you define.

Complying with complex regulatory requirements can be a challenge — unless you’re using the Fuuz xPaaS Platform. Here’s why:

Full Visibility

Fuuz xPaaS comes with pre-built modules like TMS, WMS and more that enable full visibility in material sourcing, production, shipping and other aspects of your supply chain and manufacturing environment.

Pre-Built Connectors

Fuuz xPaas has pre-built connectors for all major software, eliminating point solutions, middleware and the need for multiple third-party bolt-ons that keep your data siloed.

Easy Validation

Fuuz xPaas comes with IIoT to capture and manage high-volume data collection from your equipment and devices, making it easy to validate product information and comply with regulatory standards.

Employee protected in hazmat suit and safety mask inspects inventory, symbolizing the Fuuz solution to the chemical, plastics, and rubber industry’s complex platform problems.

The Fuuz xPaaS Platform is so flexible and configurable that there’s no requirement you can’t satisfy. No matter what you need to track and report, from product traceability to lot control and quality control, Fuuz does it.

How Fuuz Helped a Manufacturer with a Chemical Mixing Solution

The company, a global manufacturer of various interior components for the automotive industry, has annual revenues of approximately $1B with 22 locations.

Key Success Factors

  • Solve several functional gaps with current ERP and plant floor data systems.
  • Build a proprietary chemical mixing solution for a facility in China.
  • Solve custom document requirements for automotive OEMs in Europe.
  • Create custom mobile applications to aid in the staging, loading and pallet building to meet OEM requirements.
  • Plans to use Fuuz as its global MES/IoT platform.

After 18 months of evaluating software solutions to meet their needs, the manufacturer decided on Fuuz. They found that the depth and breadth of the Fuuz Platform would allow them to replace a minimum of six antiquated internal software systems. 

And instead of purchasing custom mixing software for a new acquisition in China, they realized that they could build any application they needed directly within the Fuuz Platform. 

They also had functional gaps within their current ERP system but had no desire to change. Fuuz again provided a solution with its Browser Extension platform tool. This platform feature enabled the manufacturer to augment their ERP system in real time to meet very specific customer requirements. 

The business has also implemented custom mobile scanning solutions with Fuuz to meet the needs of BMW and VW in their German facilities. And the Fuuz Platform tool Document Designer has been immensely valuable by eliminating the need for third-party solutions to generate locale-specific forms and documents, pulling data from multiple disparate systems.