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Fuuz® for Distribution Companies

Distributors purchase products at the lowest price possible, usually from the manufacturer, and sell them to wholesalers, charging a slightly higher price, to make a profit without producing products.

Logistics management is critical to a distributor’s success because they manage the supply chain, from vendors and suppliers to manufacturers to the point of sale.

5 Ways Distributors Succeed with Fuuz

Generate customized pick lists for First In First Out (FIFO) inventory.
Use directed inventory picking and put-away features to collect the right inventory for an order and return it to the warehouse in the right location.
Connect to your Value-Added Network (VAN) with Fuuz’s native EDI integration.
Pull orders in real time, and eliminate manual printing and data entry by automating the creation of orders
Automate the sending of push orders, directing them to any of your fulfillment centers or Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies.

How Fuuz Helps Distributors Succeed

Distributors collect goods from the manufacturer, store them when necessary, and deliver them on time to customers. That’s why distributors need visibility into packaging, inventory, warehousing and logistics. And that’s what Fuuz does.

Distribution: Connected, Efficient and Integrated

Fuuz delivers robust and flexible logistic solutions for the fast-paced world of distribution businesses. Here’s the 1,2,3 of what you need to know.


Simplify how your logistics team builds loads, schedules inbound and outbound shipments, consolidates freight, and integrates with Third Party Logistics (3PLs), parcel shippers and more.


Manage dock schedules, appointments, and track containers or any pre-defined collection of items with a License Plate Number (LPN). The LPN is a preprinted label with a unique number assigned to a container as you define it: a pallet, a box, a bag, an envelope, and so on.


Automate and configure business rules such as seasonality requirements, the tarping of goods during shipment and refrigeration requirements, to name a few. Manage customer requirements including paperwork, labeling and more with a Fuuz Platform subscription.

Employee in white hard hat smiles down at an ipad, symbolizing Fuuz Platform success within his company.

Mobile Integration

Once loads are built, it’s easy to generate paperwork like pick lists, Bills of Lading (BOLs), packing slips, shipping labels and even barcode labels. And all of that is easier to do using the Fuuz Platform mobile integration solution.

The Fuuz Platform is fully responsive. This means that you and your team can access anything on the platform with any internet-connected device — smartphone, tablet, RFID. It’s one more way your fast-paced world runs smarter with greater efficiency and ease. 

How Fuuz Solved a Distribution Problem for a Steel Company

This leader in steel across many industries has over 1,200 employees globally with 15 locations and growing.

Key Success Factors

  • Provide a full TMS solution for inbound and outbound freight management
  • Provide yard/trailer management
  • Create a custom documentation solution for customer shipping documents, material certifications and more
  • Deliver mobile applications to facilitate a robust process for managing trucks, staging, loading and capturing driver data

The company had selected Plex as its new ERP solution after a failed SAP implementation. Through discovery, project leaders realized that the transportation management and overall business processes supported natively in Plex would not work for their business. 

They paused the project for months looking for a commercial solution, but none were able to solve the gaps in functionality. Fuuz stood out, offering the business a way to solve its functional dilemma without having to pull the plug on another ERP project.

The business did a thorough evaluation of Fuuz, bringing in its implementation partner Baker Tilly, other consulting firms and executives from Plex. They unanimously decided that Fuuz offered the best strategic direction. 

In about six months, the Fuuz team built custom modules to support complex interplant, subcontract and customer shipping with all the rules that the business required. Then Fuuz integrated all of this into the Plex ERP and the business’s preferred freight broker. 

The company plans to use Fuuz to replace other homegrown MES solutions as well as integrations previously built on Dell-Boomi.