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Food and Beverage

Fuuz® for Food and Beverage Businesses

Food and Beverage businesses must comply with both stringent regulatory compliance and customer-facing requirements. This can make it difficult for food and beverage companies to find a solution that meets their needs. 

6 Ways the Fuuz Platform Helps Food and Beverage Companies Succeed

Fuuz is so flexible and configurable that there’s no requirement you cannot satisfy. No matter what you need to track and report, from product traceability to lot control and quality control, you can do that with Fuuz.

Fuuz is an easy-to-use, flexible, configurable, and scalable ERP platform for Food and Beverage companies.
Fuuz has the experience to help you navigate the complexities of trading internationally.
Fuuz customers can build and expand how they use the platform, taking advantage of pre-built coding modules that other customers have created.
Fuuz automates processes and provides real-time transactional data with capabilities like EDI, API and data transfer.
Fuuz connects with your industrial equipment to track and measure real time process control data.
Fuuz enables you to track and trace your products and processes to meet quality standards and simplify reporting.

Fuuz is the First Anything Platform as a Service (xPaaS)

Here’s the Fuuz solution explained in five steps.

xPaaS can be aPaaS

Fuuz’s xPaaS (anything you need your platform to be) is also an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) for rapid app development.


Fuuz MES Platform comes with out-of-the-box industrial-grade modules like  WMS, TMS, and more. 

Reusable Code

Fuuz customers can access a library of pre-built, reusable code components and tools that accelerate development time for IT teams.

No-code, Low-code

Fuuz has no-code, low-code editors, like Screen Designer, so business and sales teams can create business intelligence dashboards, documents, and more.

Jump Start

Fuuz Infrastructure as a Service (iPaaS) provides structural tools that give IT Administrators a jump start on building the infrastructure exactly the way they want it without starting from scratch on Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or other hosting platforms.

Fuuz implementations take days or weeks. Not at all like a standard ERP implementation that can take months, even years.

Employee moving forklift of product while utilizing the Fuuz Warehouse Management System.

Fuuz for the Global Economy

We understand that your customers are demanding and need you to be agile and change processes or integrations on the fly, this is exactly what Fuuz provides. Your team can be trained to leverage the platform or rely on our integrators to help you eliminate the need to worry about this part of your business so you can focus more on your bottom line in today’s globally connected economy.

Male employee in hair net and pink shirt studies conveyor belt of empty glass soda cans, symbolizing Fuuz Platform success within his company.

Fuuz Workflow Routings for Process Manufacturers

Fuuz Platform solutions are designed to handle the real-time, traceable receipt and processing requirements for customer-supplied products. This includes raw ingredients and semi-finished products that go to a distributor channel. 

After set-up, the Fuuz Platform will upload the right workflow for a particular customer’s product and then automatically route that product through your facility for processing.

Fuuz for Traceability

Close up of factory line with product on the belt, symbolizing Fuuz’s ability to work with many parts of a greater logistical system.
Here’s a short list of what food and beverage processing companies can do with Fuuz.

Get an accurate perspective on capacity. This enables your sales and scheduling teams to provide more accurate information to customers and set proper expectations.


Get the flexibility you need to manage things like minimum charges, expedited orders, and the type of shipping service required to expedite delivery.


Connect your equipment to the Fuuz Platform to track and monitor all processes. The data is captured electronically, so the generation of customer-required process certifications can be done with a couple of mouse clicks — at any point in your process.

Fuuz Automates Process Monitoring

You can monitor anything with Fuuz. Just set up the workflow you want, and Fuuz will automatically track it, capturing data and automatically sharing it with those who need it. Here’s a quick look at some of the processes Fuuz helps customers monitor.

How Fuuz Helped a Food and Beverage Manufacturer Succeed.

This manufacturer and supplier of private-label and branded spices in North America began working with Fuuz in 2017. The company had replaced its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and implemented a new solution with Plex. 

The management team felt they had lost some of the customizations they were accustomed to, and they also identified several functional gaps. The Plex implementation team recommended the Fuuz applications platform to fill those gaps.

Key Success Factors

  • Deliver a parcel shipping integration for the business’s hundreds of daily shipments. 
  • Integrate with various shipping carriers and automate the creation of shipping labels using Fuuz’s pre-built Transportation and Logistics module.
  • Connect and integrate the customer’s UPS WorldShip, and FedEx accounts with its ERP, Plex. 
  • Build an integration solution (IIoT) for their plant equipment, including weigh scales and handheld scanners. 
  • Create a custom app to enhance productivity with handheld devices for plant floor workers. 
  • Build custom user interfaces using an applications programming interface (API) that integrates with the customer’s Plex ERP. This resolved the customer’s concern that their ERP interface with the shop floor wasn’t intuitive and didn’t meet their needs or standards. 
  • Create additional device-agnostic native API integrations with third–party vendors, streamlining the customer’s internal processes, reducing errors, and lowering overhead. 

Fuuz has worked with major original equipment (OE) food and beverage clients. We have the platform technology and the know-how to provide the perfect solution, meeting the needs of your business today and as you grow and scale.