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Medical Devices

Fuuz® for the Medical Device Industry

Companies in the medical device industry must comply with stringent regulatory standards such as verifying and validating packaging sterility and ensuring that pacemakers, stethoscopes and other devices meet product-specific safety requirements. A growing number of medical device makers and distributors are focused on quality management practices that mitigate risks and heighten the visibility of potential quality issues.

6 Ways the Fuuz Platform Helps Medical Device Makers Succeed

Define how you want to track and trace your products and your processes to meet quality standards.
Embed quality metrics into your production operations, making sure that your production staff performs the required checks and calibrations.
Make changes to reflect new process requirements without waiting for your software vendor to make the changes for you.
Track and measure real-time process data by connecting your industrial equipment with product data on the Fuuz Platform.
Simplify and speed up your quoting process with easy access to documentation, quality metrics for both production and process modes of manufacturing.
Take charge of your plant floor from materials receiving to product shipping with visibility into every step of the product lifecycle and access to the data in your ERP and business software.

Fuuz Process Monitoring Captures Data for Deep Insights

Whether you have one manufacturing location or many, Fuuz Process Monitoring captures data from your plant floor machines and equipment so you can analyze the performance and stability of your processes.

An extension of the Fuuz MES Platform, Process Monitoring captures data such as temperature, pressure, sterility packaging standards, revolutions per minute (RPM) vibrations and so on. 

This data, which lives on the Fuuz MES Platform, helps drive continuous improvement. It identifies potential product quality concerns and supports production scheduling and execution, predictive or preventive maintenance, as well as predictive or preventive quality assurance.

Process Monitoring, an extension available for the Fuuz MES app, lives on the Fuuz Platform. There are so many benefits of hosting your apps on Fuuz. Here are the top 3.
Employee in a medical device facility wears a hair net and performs work, symbolizing Fuuz Platform success within his company.

The Fuuz Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integration supports process monitoring with high-frequency and high-volume data collection from machines and equipment. Most machine learning algorithms are applied on top of IIoT data for predictive analytics, maintenance and other functions. The IIoT integration also includes robust tools for analysis and charting.


Monitor the processes most important to the business. When your data sources live on the Fuuz Platform, you can monitor things like quality control, statistical process control (SPC), shipping and logistics, and manufacturing metrics like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), overall asset production effectiveness (OAE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP) and more.


Connect to any device or machine within your four walls, send data in real time to the platform, then display the data collected and even stream video to your dashboards for real-time context.