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Fuuz® for Retail Operations

Fuuz is the future-proof cloud SaaS platform for retail businesses. You can get the solution you need right now, like the ability to push orders in real time and handle scan-based transactions and inventory allocations, to name a few.

Better yet. You can grow your retail business on the Fuuz MES Platform. Subscribe to what you need, when you need it. That keeps your costs low. And with access to Fuuz’s iPaaS, you can integrate and connect anything with everything else. And you can do it fast. Fuuz comes with pre-built connectors to all major software like ERP, point of sale (POS) software and e-commerce, to name a few. So you can automate sales orders and fulfillment from retail stores — fast.

6 Ways Retailers Succeed with Fuuz

Fuuz Platform As a Service (PaaS)The Fuuz Platform can handle high transaction volume across multiple retail stores or e-commerce channels. And Fuuz processes all of the electronic data interchange (EDI) and application programming interfaces (APIs) behind the scenes. 

Better still,  Fuuz Platform tools allow your sales associates to push orders in real time. This means that, unlike with other products, you’re not waiting overnight for some nightly batch to process. Here’s how you can succeed with Fuuz.

Automate the flow of sales orders and fulfillment from retail stores, trade shows or e-commerce channels into your ERP or accounting software.
Handle scan-based transactions for things like customer consignment, inventory orders and allocations, all within Fuuz — without point solutions or middleware.
Get real-time insights no matter where you are or what device you use — tablet, mobile or even RFID.
Create customer-facing documents with Fuuz’s Screen Designer tools. Things like shipping labels, paperwork, pallet lists or anything else. You can also configure specific rules based on customer or ship-to location.
Connect your back office solution to your POS software and connect them with your e-commerce sales channels — all on the Fuuz Platform, and here’s what you get:
Green shirted employee types on laptop with pen in-hand, symbolizing Fuuz Platform success within her company.

A real-time picture of your business at any point in time without manual data entry, which can lead to missed information or incorrect data getting into your fulfillment channels.

Your inventory status is automatically updated and a corresponding journal entry is made in your accounting software. And a full order history for each customer is automatically generated. 

Your e-commerce sales channels are entered and processed in real time. You’ve saved time —  and yes, time is money.  

How Fuuz Helped a Manufacturer of Foam-based Products Succeed

This family-owned manufacturer of foam-based products has been in business for over 70 years.

Key Success Factors

  • Monitor, track and trace production equipment and operators to ensure schedule attainment
  • Facilitate automated order entry to eliminate manual entry
  • Schedule outbound freight based on order completion and shop rates, scheduling the most cost-effective choice without user interaction
  • Provide a scalable, pure cloud platform that can help the business respond to challenging customer demands
  • Connect a very complicated Magento Site to the current Plex ERP solution with bidirectional feeds

When Walmart contracted with this manufacturer as the sole provider of foam products, they experienced explosive growth. They needed solutions, and they needed them fast. 

Their current ERP provided the financials but the business did not have shop floor visibility, and user adoption of the old solutions was poor. 

Management set out to find an MES/SCADA solution and evaluated several options. But they chose Fuuz because of its cloud platform capabilities, scalability, affordability and ease of implementation.

The business is expanding its use of the Fuuz Platform for e-commerce integrations, and they are fully automating their less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping schedule. This eliminated so many manual tasks that the internal team was able to reduce their people-days of work by several days per week. 

Now the business manages many of its smaller internal projects on the Fuuz Platform. And when needed, they contact Fuuz for assistance on large projects that can be delivered turnkey.