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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Simplify Communication with the Fuuz® EDI Integration

The Fuuz EDI integration simplifies the complex process of communicating with your global trading partners. Onboard new customers or requirements quickly with Fuuz’ easy-to-use EDI format. Set an EDI run schedule, create error alerts, or trigger on-demand real-time transactions.

EDI Trading Partner Connections

Trading Partner Connections are commonly used in EDI projects. Depending on the type of EDI transactions you plan to exchange with a particular partner, such as X12, Edifact, or VDA, you must purchase a Trading Partner Connector license for each type of Trading Partner communication.

Once you have established a Trading Partner Connection within the Fuuz Platform, you can access and exchange all document types supported by the technology (X12, Edifact, etc.). 

The Top 6 Benefits of Fuuz’ EDI Integration

Easy Onboarding

Set up partner configurations quickly, so it’s easy to onboard new customers and suppliers.


Log all transactional data using built-in tools for error-free handling.

Add Exceptions

Add exceptions to your document import and export flows as your needs dictate.

Spot Potential Problems

Use raw and human-readable data to detail errors in logging to address potential problems with your trading partners’ document setups.

Secure File Transfer

Send and receive documents with Fuuz’s secure file transfer.

Reduce Expenses

Lower your operating expenses by eliminating paper, printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage, and document retrieval and reduce administrative costs.

How Fuuz Platform Tools Support Your EDI Integration

You can use the Data Flow Designer platform tool to manage and maintain your business process flows. If your trading partner changes anything, you can quickly implement those changes with or without our help. 

The Fuuz Screen Designer platform tool helps you build trading partner documents and create all printable forms to address partner requirements. 

If you can drag and drop, you can create perfect barcode labels and ship time documents in minutes. And you can generate live previews, so you’re not burning through label stock. 

Upload images like your logo to your documents, and you don’t need a separate reporting tool to do that. With Fuuz’ EDI integration and platform tools, you can do whatever it takes to establish a great relationship with your Customer or Supplier.

How Fuuz Helped a Tier 1 Fastener Manufacturing Company Succeed

This company needed to replace its fully-customized legacy AS400 because the programmers who understood the old system were retiring. 

Key Success Factors

  • Implement a modern, shop floor MES solution to replace the legacy AS400 homegrown solutions
  • Implement a Directed Pick and Put Away mobile turret solution to aid in shipping up to 4M parts per day
  • Implement EDI integrations with several customers and provide custom document solutions for shipping paperwork

They chose the Fuuz Platform as a one-stop solution, tackling their MES and WMS requirements while implementing a new ERP solution. Ultimately, the new ERP was limited in driving automation in manufacturing processes.

Fuuz built the robust tools to fulfill their needs, taking about six months to complete. Now, their IT department has taken ownership of the platform to manage changes, using modern tools that today’s developers know and understand, rather than the old AS400.