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Fuuz xPaaS Platform

Meet Fuuz®, the First xPaaS in the Cloud

Technology never stops changing and businesses of all sizes are in a constant race to keep up. To achieve growth and retain a competitive edge, companies often find themselves extending their ERP systems with MES, WMS, TMS and other point solutions. The trouble is, these solutions only solve one problem and contribute to a complicated IT environment and data silos that hinder innovation.

What is xPaaS in the Cloud?

xPaaS is the future of platform as a service (PaaS) — it encompasses the full spectrum of specialized middleware services that can be offered in the cloud, per Gartner. This includes application platform as a service (aPaaS), integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), as well as rapid application development tools.

Fuuz is the first product to deliver on the concept of xPaaS and moves users beyond the limits of simple application development. If you’re ready to extend and enable existing commercial and homegrown solutions with modern, scalable, cloud-based technologies, let’s talk.

Top 3 Ways Fuuz xPaaS Ignites Innovation for Industrial Businesses

Factory belt line that symbolizes Fuuz xPaas as the go-to to move along solutions and keep your business running smoothly.

Fuuz xPaaS comes with pre-built apps like MES, WMS, and more.


Fuuz xPaas has pre-built connectors to most major software, eliminating point solutions and middleware.


Fuuz xPaas comes with IIoT to capture and manage high-volume data collection from your equipment and devices.

Fuuz Helps Global Conglomerate Connect Disparate Systems

This global conglomerate has 27 locations and revenues of approximately $4B as a producer of fasteners for several industries

Key Success Factors

  • Connect multiple disparate systems, including Plex, SAP, and other homegrown packages
  • Consolidate data for Customer Service to analyze inventory and demand requirements across different ERPs more efficiently
  • Integrate plant floors PLC and MES connectivity in US locations
  • Replace their DellBoomi iPaaS with a more robust solution

The business has grown via several acquisitions, leaving them with a very segregated digital footprint. They needed to consolidate data so that management could produce reports without spending weeks compiling usable data that was already out of date.

Fuuz provided the integration capabilities necessary to replace outdated tools that in-house staff no longer had the expertise to manage. And Fuuz eliminated several home-grown solutions, like Microsoft Access databases and other third-party niche requirement software packages, at each location. 

Even in the proof of concept (POC) stage of the project, Fuuz solutions were deployed so fast that Fuuz earned its place as the strategic partner for the organization’s Digital Transformation. 

CEO and Fuuz of Auburn Hills founder Craig Scott sitting at table.

Discover the Fuuz Platform with MFGx CEO and Founder Craig Scott

Have questions about the Fuuz platform? We have answers! Take a deep dive into the platform for a better understanding of its benefits, software stack and architecture.

6 Ways Manufacturers Succeed with Fuuz xPaaS


Take Control

Take control of your IT ecosystem and make changes to reflect new processes without waiting for your software vendor to implement them.



Monitor your industrial equipment with real-time process control data connected to your products for accurate information and insights.



Impress your customers and trading partners with a single real-time data source that improves accuracy and simplifies compliance with stringent OEM requirements.



Connect to your value-added networks with Fuuz’s native EDI integration.



Simplify the creation of orders, eliminating manual data entry with automated processes and the ability to set up label and document printing at any point in the process.



Scale your use of the platform as needed and accelerate app development, taking advantage of coding modules previously built by other customers.

“We didn’t know then that our work with Fuuz to automate and integrate processes was considered Industry 4.0. But when we started researching this new buzzword, we realized we had checked off multiple boxes of Industry 4.0 requirements.”

    – Jeff Sotok, EVP of Operations, Trans-Matic

Case Study

Trans-Matic Streamlines System Integration Processes with Fuuz

Trans-Matic has found that the Fuuz platform integration flows are cleaner and much easier to replicate than with their previous use of Dell Boomi.