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Applications Platform as a Service (aPaaS)

Meet Fuuz® aPaaS. Build and Deploy Apps Fast

Fuuz is an applications platform where IT teams can build and deploy apps fast. 

There’s more. Fuuz aPaaS comes with no-code, low-code app creator tools for business executives and sales teams who want to build dashboards and documents. And our pro-code tools give developers complete access so they can configure the platform the way  they want it.

Factory worker in yellow safety vest scanning inventory at Fuuz.

Fuuz is for Businesses with Complex Operations

Many of our manufacturing customers are frustrated with their complicated IT setup. To modify their ERP, they need point solutions, and the point solutions need a way to connect with the ERP; that’s middleware. Your developers or IT consultants have to keep this complicated ecosystem running. That’s expensive.  And you still can’t get to the information you needed to collect in the first place.

Factory worker in yellow safety helmet with yellow hearing protection earmuffs working with the Fuuz Platform.

Fuuz aPaaS is Built Differently. That’s a Good Thing.

Fuuz is built differently. It reflects the founder’s belief that software should solve problems — not create them. The Fuuz customer’s path to success can start small. Often, it’s our MES app hosted on the platform. When a new business need arises, it’s easy to build on what you already have. And customers can connect everything on the platform to get the data they need to run smarter and grow faster. Fuuz is a virtuous cycle of continuous success.

6 Things Fuuz aPaaS Customers Can Do That They Couldn’t Do Before

Integrate Systems

Integrate systems effectively,  efficiently, and easily.

Reduce Errors

Minimize or eliminate data duplication and reduce errors.

Increase Efficiency

Streamline duplication of functions, increasing efficiency.

Effective Reporting

Access effective reporting, analytics, and business intelligence.

Use Multiple Systems

Create apps using data from multiple systems.

The Browser Extension

Support additional ways to access commercial apps with Fuuz’s Browser Extension platform tool.

“Today’s ERP implementations are more like a data migration project. You have a handful of options for configurations that can be set up. If there isn’t an option to support your business process, you add a point solution and middleware. It gets messy fast.” 

 Craig Scott, Founder and CEO of Fuuz

The Problem with Point Solutions.

The problem with point solutions shows up in environments where bigger ERP systems run. Companies use separate systems for warehouse management, transportation management, data warehouses, and more.

The situation gets even more complicated with the mixed use of AI tools, iPaaS, and mobile apps, in addition to spreadsheets, databases, and everything else. 

Build it Your Way with Pre-built Platform Tools.

Data Flow Designer

Data Flow Designer

Automate manual processes and design brilliant workflows, even complex manufacturing processes, and link to any other workflow and data in Fuuz.
View Data Flow Designer

Schema Designer

Schema Designer

Design your own data models to store the information that’s important for your business.
View Schema Designer

Screen Designer

Screen Designer

Build interface screens for every process your business needs to track plus dashboards showing real-time status of projects and processes.
View Screen Designer

Document Designer

Document Designer

Create drag-and-drop shipping labels, documents, and dashboards using real-time data.
View Document Designer

Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Eliminate apps, multiple logins, and double data entry with the convenience of a single user interface.
View Browser Extension

Device Gateway

Device gateway

Bridge the digital gaps between your on-premise software and the cloud without point solutions.
View Device Gateway

Fuuz aPaaS is Built: A Quick Look Under the Hood

The Fuuz Platform was built using the latest microservice architecture and security, and it’s delivered as a multi-tenant SaaS cloud solution. Here’s how Fuuz is different in the best of ways. 

1. Data Layer: It consists of the database where the consumer of the software stores data and retrieves it for reporting or analytics.
2. Application Programming Interface (API): It’s how the business logic can interact with the data in the system, allowing access to other applications.
3. Business Layer: It’s the code or the computer language that provides functionality. Fuuz provides advanced pro-code capability with unlimited customization options.
EXTRA: Fuuz has no-code, low-code tools for non-technical people who want to build their documents and dashboards without involving software developers.
4. The presentation layer, or the user interface (UI), is what many of our customers care about most because it’s the only thing business users see.

Fuuz aPaaS: The Platform That’s Just Right

Most platform-hosting companies like, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and others are like blank sheets of paper. Data architects can build the platform exactly the way they want it. But that takes a lot of time and resources.

Monolithic applications do not grant access to the code in the business layer. Developers can access a handful of binary choices but have little ability to manipulate functionality except at a very minimal level. 

Fuuz is the just-right solution. Our platform’s data layer provides much greater flexibility to derive complex data solutions. Our clients are typically manufacturing companies and need complex data across their operations for tasks such as machine recipes, production routings, and bills of materials. 

Software companies have never delivered this model in a scalable and repeatable way. Fuuz is the first. And that’s how Fuuz delivers more benefits to its customers.

Customer Solution Story

This publicly traded automotive industry company, with over $6 billion in revenue, had been on a long search for the perfect enterprise-grade solution to their siloed data issues. 

They had spent three years evaluating different software products before they came upon Fuuz, DellBoomi, Tibco, and many others. Everything else fell short. But in Fuuz, they found the extended iPaaS capability that would enable them to take on other projects in the pipeline, such as a full Factory Information Systems (FIS) providing real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data to meet new customer requirements. 

Critical Success Factors

  • Provide a scalable cloud platform that can handle big data integrations between various software systems, on-premise and in the cloud. 
  • The solution must be VERY secure, being a publicly traded company.
  • Apply forward-thinking to scalability, looking beyond integration of systems to shop floor data collection and real-time dashboards.
  • Track and Trace serialized components as they are manufactured for warranty and recall lookups that took minutes – not days.
  • Build a “FIS” solution, and it must look just like the one it’s replacing —  which was developed in-house 20 years ago.


After several meetings and a thorough analysis of the architecture and robustness of Fuuz, we were chosen. The FIS system went live from a blank canvas in 60 days with the integration of three full production lines.