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Platform Architecture

The First Platform for Industry Based on Multi-Enterprise Mesh Architecture

Modern businesses come to the Fuuz® Platform because they need an enterprise software solution that’s as dynamic and forward-thinking as they are.
Businessman in power stance, segmenting into smaller pieces to symbolize Fuuz’ ability to allow business owners to take control of their business with this powerful platform.

They have complex problems and need an agile partner who has a unique understanding of their industry, delivers the best and latest technologies and, in a perfect world, even anticipates their software needs before leadership does. That’s us.

Fuuz is a platform in a box that’s ready to go on Day 1 and has all the tools businesses need to connect the dots between their people, processes, machines and data in real time. Our ability to do that lies largely in the Fuuz Platform’s unique multi-tenant, multi-enterprise mesh architecture.

Multi-Enterprise Mesh Architecture Is the Future of Enterprise Software

The Fuuz Platform is a multi-tenant, multi-enterprise platform as a service (PaaS) that supports multiple environments. Multi-tenancy, in a traditional sense, is the practice of hosting many customers or users in separate environments on a single server. Computing power is limited and spread among users, which can result in delays and downtime. Multi-tenancy databases also present a security risk because they store every user’s data in the same place.

That’s where our customers find the value of the Fuuz Platform’s multi-enterprise approach. 

Every Fuuz customer, or enterprise, has its own data farm where all data is stored. Security risks are no longer a concern, the application becomes blazing fast, and users never have to worry about another customer’s usage infringing on their access to computing resources.

Every enterprise is made up of multiple locations or business units, and those are what we call tenants. Every tenant can be configured or customized in a completely different way, giving customers unlimited flexibility over the application and how they use it to solve their complex business problems. 

Take Control of Your Operations with the Fuuz Software Stack

The Fuuz Platform was designed with flexibility in mind, and customers can use it to deliver one source of truth across each tenant. This is made possible by our mesh service-oriented architecture and software stack. 

Real-time, event-based processing allows customers to automate every aspect of their business, from user interactions to integrations and even data at rest. The Fuuz Platform also operates on a continuous deployment model for software updates, which means every user is always operating on the same version of Fuuz and never has to worry about performing an update.

The engineers at Fuuz have painstakingly selected the best tools for every job, with a focus on what our customers need today and will likely want to do in the future.

What’s Inside the Fuuz Software Stack?

The Fuuz Data Layer
…is a document-style database that uses Mongo for unparalleled speed and flexibility. Customers can quickly and easily add custom fields or records to apps.
The Fuuz API Layer
… uses GraphiQL to maximize flexibility and extensibility. Your team can query data and author APIs in minutes that can be executed within Fuuz or from remote services, saving time and money.
The Fuuz API Layer
Fuuz also uses RabbitMQ for real-time functionality and K8 or Kubernetes to allow users to manipulate forms behind the scenes without any interruption to live users.
The Fuuz API Layer
All APIs in Fuuz are REST and streamlined into JSON objects. The latest scripting languages are always incorporated into the Fuuz Platform, meaning it will NEVER be a legacy technology.
The Fuuz Business Layer
Common use cases have been abstracted into “nodes” for rapid data and process manipulation, but users can also use languages like JSONata, JavaScript, TypeScript and Python.
The Fuuz Business Layer
Select from thousands of pre-built business flows for inventory depletion and genealogy, printing documents, moving inventory and more. Fuuz saves weeks of effort.
The Fuuz Presentation Layer
Use Fuuz out of the box on Day 1 or personalize the Presentation Layer using our drag-and-drop Screen Designer application. Build an amazing user interface (UI) in minutes.
React and Redux Technology
Last but not least, React and Redux enables a lightning-fast user experience. No more waiting minutes for screens or reports to render. The Fuuz Platform’s front end moves as fast as your factory floor.

Keep Projects Moving Fast with Multiple Build Environments

Multiple environments are no problem for the Fuuz Platform. In fact, most of our customers have multiple, depending on their subscription package.

Build Environments

Install pre-built apps, extend those apps or build new ones from scratch in minutes on the Fuuz Platform’s Build Environments. Use Data Flow Designer or iPaaS connections to connect to other software applications, design data models in the Schema Designer and edit the UI in the Screen Designer

Pro Tip: The Fuuz Platform’s Build Environments NEVER need to refresh. Work on projects as long as you want to!

Quality Assurance (QA) Environments

Enable a seamless user acceptance testing (UAT) environment and maintain a constant environment between build and production. Users can deploy changes in QA environments without impacting production and eliminating rollback changes. Availability depends on subscription level. 

Production Environments

Take charge of user transactions, live integrations and other daily activities. Users can replicate production environments to QA or Build Environments upon request — in one day to less!

Fuuz Platform users can also personalize their experience using tools like the Device Gateway, Browser Extension, Data Flow Designer, Screen Designer and Schema Designer.

CEO and Fuuz of Auburn Hills founder Craig Scott sitting at table.

Discover the Fuuz Platform with MFGx CEO and Founder Craig Scott

Have questions about the Fuuz Platform? We have answers! Take a deep dive into the platform for a better understanding of its benefits, software stack and architecture.

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The Fuuz Platform is just as agile as your business, which means we’re always rolling out new enhancements and features. Visit our News/Events section to view the latest Fuuz news and discover recent updates.