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Platform As a Service (PaaS)

Accelerate and Simplify Your Manufacturing Operations with Fuuz® PaaS

Modern businesses tend to see digital transformation as the Holy Grail: an eagerly sought yet elusive force that, if achieved, will finally bring their people, processes, machines, manufacturing software and data into alignment. From there, the sky’s the limit. All of this and more is possible with Fuuz’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities.

Businessman smiling at laptop as he learns more about the Fuuz Platform.

The organization will become future-proof and unlock all kinds of benefits, including increased operational efficiency, improved product and service quality, faster time to market, reduced downtime, greater collaboration, a reduction in costs and, ultimately, a superior customer experience. 

These benefits sound great, right? And they are, but as every organization already knows, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and the right software is everything. That’s where the Fuuz MES Platform comes in.

Close the Digital Transformation Gap with Fuuz PaaS

The Fuuz MES Platform is a powerful MES solution built on PaaS infrastructure that’s lightning-fast and ultra-secure. That also means we offer all of the different PaaS services you need – and some you may not, yet, but will soon – under one roof. It’s a platform in a box designed for rapid implementation. 

The Fuuz MES Platform puts businesses in control of their operations to a level never seen before – seriously. Many businesses are used to using monolithic ERP software that’s extremely inflexible and point solutions, also known as bolt-ons, from third-party vendors to fill technological gaps. These solutions may be hosted on-premise or in the cloud and each has pros and cons. They’re also expensive to maintain, IT resource-intensive and only moderately configurable at best. 

The team of manufacturing experts at MFGx, the maker of the Fuuz, knew there had to be a better way, so we developed one. Years of experience working on the factory floor and behind the scenes trying to make machines and processes “speak” in real-time inspired our team to put together that exact solution we always wanted to see, and we used the best technologies to do it. 

An individual navigates through a spacious warehouse, surrounded by shelves and crates, reflecting the dynamic environment of modern manufacturing
A manufacturing line in action, producing bottle caps with precision and speed, set against the backdrop of a bustling warehouse. This image illustrates the streamlined operations enabled by manufacturing software platform as a service (PaaS), optimizing production processes for enhanced efficiency and scalability.
An industrial forklift gracefully maneuvers through a well-organized warehouse, showcasing the seamless coordination and optimization facilitated by advanced manufacturing software.
Image of a sleek, modern truck, symbolizing efficient logistics and transportation management integrated within manufacturing software solutions.

The result was the Fuuz MES Platform: a platform that enables rapid module development, features pre-built modules for  WMS, TMS and more that can be deployed with a single click, functions lightning fast, connects to everything, always has the latest software updates and can be personalized by the world’s best developers or just about anyone, regardless of technical ability. We also use a multi-tenant, multi-enterprise mesh architecture model to deliver unparalleled security and give customers all the computing power they need, when and where they need it at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site or cloud hosting services.

That’s a lot and might be difficult to digest. We get it. There’s nothing else like Fuuz on the market.

What is an MES Platform? Well, we offer a powerful MES with pre-configured modules like WMS, QMS and Advanced Production Scheduling, but it’s designed to be flexible with no- and low-code options for manufacturers who want to be able to extend beyond typical out-of-the-box functionality.

Craig Scott


CEO and Fuuz of Auburn Hills founder Craig Scott sitting at table.
White Paper

Introducing the Fuuz MES Platform

We’ve barely scratched the surface and want to take you behind the scenes (or under the layers) of Fuuz. This white paper by MFGx Founder and CEO Craig Scott takes a deep dive into platform infrastructure and the inner workings of Fuuz.

What Makes the Fuuz MES Platform Different?

Platform Delivery as a Service

No maintenance, means more up time, scalability and reliability to focus on what matters most: your business.

Powerful Connectivity

Leverage built-in connectors to extend any type of ERP or business software and eliminate data silos.

Global Community

Collaborate with customers around the world and share data with suppliers in real time for supply chain resilience.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Gain the PaaS computing power needed to support growth without the expense of on-site service infrastructure.

Build and Customize Apps Fast

Use pre-built building blocks and no-code, low-code, pro-code tools to develop apps for any digital requirement.

Multi-Enterprise Model

Each customer is isolated from a data standpoint, ensuring unparalleled safety and security for enterprises of all sizes.

How Does the Fuuz MES Platform Work?

We’ve made a lot of bold statements and we’re ready to back them up. Before we get under the hood, let’s talk about outdated software technologies and the Fuuz PaaS differentiator: Modern micro-services and mesh architecture.

The Current State of Enterprise Software
Most enterprise software wasn’t built for modern manufacturing.
The Current State of Enterprise Software
The days of PHP, ASP, SQL and miles of coding are over.
The Current State of Enterprise Software
Monolithic software is inflexible, hard to configure, expensive and full of gaps.
The Current State of Enterprise Software
Point solutions expand monolithic solutions, but only so much.
The Current State of Enterprise Software
Point solutions need point solutions – that’s middleware.
The Current State of Enterprise Software
Cloud and on-site hosting is costly, cumbersome and constrained.
The Current State of Enterprise Software
Enterprise software as we know it is broken.
A Modern Solution for Modern Business
The Fuuz Platform is built on modern micro-service and mesh architecture.
A Modern Solution for Modern Business
That means suites of independently deployable services.
A Modern Solution for Modern Business
Users can make changes without impeding operations.
A Modern Solution for Modern Business
Fuuz is infinitely flexible, scalable and fast to implement.
A Modern Solution for Modern Business
Get all the tools needed to run a modern business on a single platform.
A Modern Solution for Modern Business
Your solution to point solutions. Build apps fast or deploy ours with 1 click.
A Modern Solution for Modern Business
The future of enterprise software is here now. It’s the Fuuz Platform.