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Platform System Updates

The Future Of Enterprise Software Is Here – And It’s Version-Less

Our experts are software developers and manufacturing connoisseurs just like you, and they recognize firsthand that software updates are a necessary evil when working with most solutions. You need them to maintain a high level of security and functionality, yet the process often comes at the expense of productivity and with new bugs that require additional updates.

That’s the exact conundrum we set out to fix with Fuuz®, and we’ve done it well. Fuuz PaaS is version-less and based on a continuous deployment model. Every user is always running the same version and updates are performed seamlessly, behind the scenes, without any impact to your workspace. 

The Fuuz MES Platform is version-less and always real time. Updates and upgrades are seamless, meaning all of our customers are always on the latest version of the software. This saves you a lot of time and complexity.

Craig Scott


System Updates Will Never Slow You Down Again

The Fuuz Platform a cloud-based multi-enterprise application based on mesh service-oriented architecture and real-time, event-based processing. What does that mean for you? In simple terms, it means our customers are all running the same version of Fuuz — all the time. We use a continuous deployment model to improve the software constantly without any impact to you — unless there are new features you want to incorporate.

This is a BIG deal because IT downtime is a more than $700 billion problem for businesses in North America. That’s about $1 million in lost revenue and productivity for a midsized company to more than $60 million for a major enterprise — and that’s not counting the cost of upgrading network architecture, training, debugging, data migration and customizations. 

No business can afford the cost of IT downtime and you shouldn’t have to. With Fuuz, forced system updates are a thing of the past.

How Does Fuuz’s Continuous Improvement Model Work?

Multi-Enterprise Platform

Every user’s data is safe and secure on an isolated data farm. Access the computing power you need when and where you need it without sacrificing speed or security.

Version-Less Software

Our experts work behind the scenes, continually updating the software without any impact to your productivity. Every user is running the same version all the time.

Mesh Service-Oriented Architecture

Your MES, WMS, TMS, custom solutions and other apps are isolated from the rest of the platform. The platform can undergo updates without any impact to your app-specific customizations.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The beauty of the Fuuz Platform is that we maintain the back end for you. You never have to think about or prepare for system updates. Everything works in harmony, just the way you want your enterprise software to.

Greater Control and Flexibility

While we take care of system updates behind the scenes, you can focus on how you want to use your apps. Your data is yours. Access it and use it when and where your business needs to.

No Forced Refreshes on Build Environments

That’s right. Forget racing to complete a project in 24 hours before the system refreshes. The Fuuz Platform’s Build Environments last as long as you want them to. Take your time and get the results your business needs.

System Updates Are Applied Strategically

You’ll notice platform updates arrive to Build Environments first, which is by design to give you the perfect playground for evaluating new features before making them available to your users.

Meet the Fuuz Gateway, Your Secure Tunnel into the Fuuz Platform

Your data means everything to us and we use the latest technologies to protect it. Many of those go into the Fuuz Gateway, a secure tunnel between the Fuuz Platform and the assets behind your firewalls. Pub/sub technology keeps everything in sync in real time and store-and-forward features circumvent latency and network issues.

The best part is, once the Fuuz Gateway is installed, you never have to touch it again, aside from the updates we perform. The Fuuz Gateway is always in sync with your Fuuz Platform environments and gives you the power needed to drive your projects forward.

Explore the Fuuz Device Gateway.

CEO and Fuuz of Auburn Hills founder Craig Scott sitting at table.

Discover the Fuuz Platform with MFGx CEO and Founder Craig Scott

Have questions about the Fuuz Platform? We have answers! Take a deep dive into the platform for a better understanding of its benefits, software stack and architecture.