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changing the way business connects

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Build Your Business Faster with Fuuz®

Target established and emerging markets with Fuuz’s suite of cloud-based applications and event-driven architecture. Our products are built to solve your manufacturing clients’ complex problems and will help you cultivate long-lasting relationships built on trust.

Strategic Partners

Fuuz offerings built for your favorite ERP and software solutions

GSI Partners

Offers professional services to support Fuuz customers

Solution Partners

Develops and supports specialized Fuuz solutions for industry clients

Reseller Partners

Helps businesses find the best software for any stage of growth

Referral Partners

Provides tailored software recommendations to modern businesses

Add Value to Your Portfolio of Solutions

Offer industry-specific, agile solutions built for discrete and process manufacturing, food and beverage, aerospace and defense, automotive, distribution, continuous manufacturing, retail and other verticals. Together, we will increase your service revenue and retention potential.

Employee in yellow hard hat and safety vest is inspecting product while using the Fuuz Quality Management System.

Enable Rapid Implementation

Fuuz was designed to be implemented in minutes or days, not weeks or months. You can build bespoke solutions for your clients fast and integrate them with other apps or devices without purchasing or supporting other products. Take advantage of pre-built, industry-specific solutions to solve your clients’ complex problems with ease. 

Build Digital Transformation Leadership

Fuuz helps integrators streamline their service offerings, presenting clients with a simple yet effective menu of implementation options that can bolster conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction. 

Our suite of products can augment nearly any talk track and position you as an organization that can lead clients through digital transformation with ease and more boxes checked than any other solution.

Bolster Agility

Sell agile, extensible cloud-based solutions hosted on a version-less platform that’s never out of date, intrinsically secure and contains everything modern businesses need. You’ll work with fewer partners or software applications, streamlining your sales cycle and implementation complexity and risk. Plus, your team only needs to learn one solution instead of a dozen.