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ERP Software

Extend and Enhance Your ERP Software with Fuuz®

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers and their customers come to Fuuz because they want to solve complex industry problems — fast!

Fuuz helps businesses of all sizes extend and enhance their existing enterprise software with our powerful, scalable Fuuz MES Platform, but the real magic happens when they combine it with one or more Fuuz Modules and our supportive platform tools. 

That’s because great things happen when you streamline your tech stack and work with a single solution like Fuuz instead of 5-15 third-party software vendors. You’ll eliminate numerous point solutions that weren’t designed to “talk;” save money on hosting, maintenance and software agreements; reduce the number of technologies your team has to learn and, most importantly, receive a tailored suite of applications that collect and share data in real time. 

Fuuz is proud to offer pre-built connectors for all major ERP providers, including NetSuite, Acumatica, Plex, SAP, Infor, Microsoft, Sage and IFS, as well as all of the other, smaller software solutions you use every day. Our solution collects data in real time and brings it into a centralized location to create the digital thread your organization needs to make smart business decisions.

We Also Offer Pre-Built Connectors for All Major ERPs

Fuuz Makes ERP Software Integration Easy

Fuuz is compatible with all types of ERP software and our pre-built integrations were designed to get you up and running fast. We offer one or more integrations for every major ERP solution, depending on the type of data you need to access and how you plan to use it. If you don’t see your ERP software listed below, don’t worry. We either have an integration for it already or can build one for you quickly.


Pre-built integrations for all major ERPs


Brings data from multiple facilities with different legacy ERPs into one location


Extends and enhances ERP software, eliminating the need for costly replacements


Can replace 5-15 disparate third-party bolt-ons


Expert ERP knowledge enables Fuuz to identify the perfect solution for you

Fuuz MES Built for NetSuite

Fuuz MES Built for NetSuite is a hybrid application built with flexibility and speed in mind. It was designed for discrete and continuous manufacturing environments, as well as any other vertical, and can be paired with WMS, TMS, iPaaS and much more.