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Oracle Integration

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Ignite Innovation with Fuuz's® Oracle Integration

Fuuz, also known as the Fuuz Manufacturing Platform in the Oracle ecosystem, is more than an MES solution — it’s a platform built for industry that gives businesses like yours complete control over their manufacturing operations. 


Fuuz can be implemented and customized in days, not weeks or months, and the options to extend and enhance your Oracle ERP software are endless. Pair it with Fuuz Apps like TMS, WMS, shipping, iPaaS integration and other solutions to build the manufacturing software machine you’ve always dreamed of but never knew was possible.

How Does Fuuz Integrate With Oracle?

Fuuz MES and our broader manufacturing platform was designed for quick implementation and customization as part of any Oracle implementation or during phase two. 

Oracle ERP customers like you come to Fuuz for a robust cloud-based MES application that was built with speed and flexibility in mind, but quickly realize that our platform is the only piece of manufacturing software they’ll ever need. Fuuz is the solution to point solutions.

Native Oracle integrations and no-code tools enable rapid deployment and customization, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We also offer iPaaS integration, pre-built apps for shipping, WMS, TMS and more, and even no-code, low-code and pro-code tools for building custom apps in minutes — all within a powerful single-platform ecosystem. 

One of the best things about Fuuz is its scalability. Start with Fuuz MES for Oracle and apps like WMS or TMS, and add more features with the click of a button as your business grows and changes. Every component of the Fuuz Platform works together in harmony and constantly exchanges information with the Oracle ecosystem, which means your manufacturing data is never out of date and the vital information you need is always at your fingertips. 

“What we have learned so far about Fuuz is that it’s much more than just a machine integration platform. The built-in capabilities allow us to build and tailor parts of the system to meet additional needs as these needs arise. We can now focus more on business process improvements and less on the standard break fix issues typically prone in manufacturing environments.”

Why Fuuz MES for Oracle ERP?

The business needs of modern manufacturers are always changing and they need software solutions that can keep up. The answer is Fuuz, a complete no-code platform built for industry that eliminates dependency on multiple point solutions and simplifies their application footprint while keeping costs and complexity to a minimum.

Ignite Innovation with Fuuz Integrated With Oracle

Your manufacturing operations are complex by nature and get more complicated as new machines, locations, processes and services are added. The best way to manage these assets and gain a holistic view of the factory floor is Fuuz MES integrated with Oracle. 

Fuuz provides an intuitive shop floor interface that includes standard MES features such as…

Dispatch Lists

Dispatch work order requirements to all of your workcenters in real time with data synced from Oracle.

Operator Control Panels

Work orders selected from the Dispatch and Operator Control Panels provide a streamlined interface for tracking labor, issuing materials and completing processes.

WIP Management

Built-in warehouse management features allow you to easily track work-in-process (WIP) from material start to order fulfillment. You can split and merge inventory, build master pallets and much more.

Smart Tools and Features Help Extend Your Oracle Software

Machine Monitoring

You can also take advantage of the Fuuz Platform’s Machine Monitoring solutions. The Fuuz Gateway provides OPC communications for up to 10 of your industrial assets per tenant, with the ability to add an unlimited number of additional assets to monitor.

You can connect your mixers, CNCs, presses, scales and more, with the ability to poll data up to 4 times per minute and store it directly in the Fuuz Platform. Augment data with Operator Control Panels and Screen Designer make it easy to analyze machine data. 

No-Code Flexibility

Fuuz is the only no-code solution built purposely for industry. There are no compromises — anything you need to accomplish can be done using the Fuuz Platform and the tools we provide that streamline your DevOps process. 

Whether you have in-house expertise or not — you’ll find you can quickly scale solutions to meet your needs. We also have several partners who can assist with various implementation requirements — from full Machine Monitoring to IIoT.

Barcoding and Documentation

Fuuz provides a pixel-perfect drag-and-drop solution for all of your documentation needs, including your most complex manufacturing requirements. Design barcode formats for all processes, receiving, WIP, finished goods and even shipping labels.

Looking for custom work orders, pick lists, packing slips, bill of ladings and AR invoices? You can design these and much more with our Screen Designer tool. Plus, native Oracle integrations make it easy to generate documents on demand — without ever leaving Oracle.


Enterprise Scalability

The Fuuz Platform available to you out of the box as an Oracle customer is designed for small to midsized businesses with fewer than 25 locations. If you’re an enterprise requiring a bigger toolset, we have solutions for you as well. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

The Fuuz Platform can handle billions of records and an unlimited number of users, with no limit on the number of tenants or locations. Any localization requirements can also be met with our flexible deployment options for larger-scale solutions.