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Machine Integration

Machine Integration

Machine Integration captures and manages high frequency, high volume data collection from your equipment and devices. 

 The Fuuz® Machine integration supports production monitoring, process monitoring, and equipment condition monitoring. Most Machine Learning algorithms are applied over the top Machine data to perform predictive analytics about machine maintenance and other functions.

Using the Fuuz Machine integration, you can automate manual processes and connect your Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or other industrial equipment on a single platform. Fuuz’ Machine integration comes with very robust tools for analyzing and charting, so you can capture the rich data gathered by your automated equipment and use it. 

Fuuz Machine Integration integrates bi-directionally. This means that while the system monitors the health of your attached devices, you can set up notifications and alerts simultaneously. If your label printers, for example, go offline or run out of label stock, you can avoid a catastrophic production issue.

Machine Integration can be integrated with the Fuuz Platform tool Device Gateway to support additional functions like the automated printing of labels during production or document printing during a shipping or picking process. Also, the Fuuz Device Gateway tool supports Ethernet/IP, Modbus, TCP/IP, Siemens, MQTT, MTConnect, and many other industrial-based drivers without needing additional third-party software. 

We’re completely agnostic and open when it comes to hardware. It doesn’t matter what type of devices, PLCs, machines or CNCs you’re running. We connect to any and all of those to help you capture data and provide real-time analytics.

Craig Scott


How Fuuz Helped a Well-Established Candy Maker Succeed

Founded in 1875, this well-known producer of chocolates, ice cream, and candies operates out of several retail outlet stores.

Key Success Factors

  • Integrate disparate systems; Point of Sales, Inventory, ERP, 3PLs, and e-commerce
  • Introduce factory monitoring of production equipment with alerts for OEE
  • Introduce warehouse monitoring, including special time series storage and robust tools for analysis and charting.
  • Integrate multiple Point of Sale systems, inventory tracking systems, ERP, and e-commerce platforms

They had little visibility into their inventory, sales, and other key metrics; bringing this data from the external systems into a central place to be measured was a huge business initiative. 

The business also wanted to update its facilities with more modern monitoring equipment for temperatures, throughputs, warehouse climate conditions, etc. After evaluating software products, the company realized that these solutions would only introduce more complexity. 

The confectionery maker chose Fuuz because of its ability to do everything it needed on a single platform. Fuuz integrated multiple systems so all metrics/reporting could be done directly from their main ERP system. 

The business is working with Fuuz on additional projects; direct integrations with distributors and ways to introduce efficiencies across the company.