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Media Kit

Who We Are

MFGx is a Michigan-based software integration and development company focused on the manufacturing industry. The company was founded in 2018. Fuuz™ powered by MFGx is an extended Platform as A service solution that helps companies of all sizes connect the software and hardware they already have with the databases, machines and established processes they need to grow their businesses—without the expense of new enterprise software. MFGx has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in diagnosing and solving software integration problems for discrete and process manufacturers in multiple industries.

What We Do

Fuuz™ is an extended Platform as A Service solution that helps companies of all sizes connect the software and hardware they already have with the databases, machines and established processes they need to grow their businesses on one consolidated platform—without the expense of new enterprise software.

Fuuz streamlines operations, automates processes and increases visibility into critical information so companies have time to react, make adjustments, resolve issues and continuously improve operations. Fuuz leverages its connectors to most major ERP systems including Plex, SAP, Infor, Oracle/NetSuite, J.D. Edwards and others to extend ERP capabilities with its MES, IIoT, WMS, TMS and iPaaS solutions out of the box.

Fuuz is a one-stop solution for your scaling needs. With a wide range of products and services, we can help grow your business wherever you are in the world.

How Fuuz is Different

Fuuz from MFGx is unlike any other platform on the market. It was built for industry, with capabilities to address the challenges of manufacturers and distributors globally. Unlike other major OEM brand options, Fuuz integrates and augments any open sources of data, allowing companies to leverage current solutions, industrial equipment and operating systems. It is the only solution on the market with integration capabilities that enable customers to not only connect to devices within their enterprise, but to other systems, software applications or sites as needed.

Fuuz provides secure, real-time pub-sub connectivity between your on-premise devices and databases, to our cloud backend. Fuuz is the only IoT solution that provides simple and intuitive interface design tools, connecting and empowering people at every level of the enterprise. With Fuuz, small to mid-size companies now have the option to move to an integrated platform for a fraction of the cost of traditional big-name platforms.

White Paper

Introducing the Fuuz Platform

We’ve barely scratched the surface and want to take you behind the scenes (or under the layers) of the Fuuz Platform. This white paper by MFGx Founder and CEO Craig Scott takes a deep dive into platform infrastructure and the inner workings of Fuuz.

About Fuuz

Fuuz™ is a revolutionary Extended Platform as a Service (xPaaS) that’s changing the way business and manufacturing software work by connecting people, processes, machines and data. Fuuz delivers pre-built industrial SaaS apps and platforms, including aPaaS for rapid application development and iPaaS for IT teams who want to personalize their infrastructure without building it from the ground up. Developed by MFGx, a Michigan-based software integration company, Fuuz has the flexibility and scalability to deliver highly personalized solutions, replacing complicated software/middleware environments with automated processes and the ability to capture and exchange data across the enterprise. For more, visit

Industries Served

Fuuz™ brings the flexibility and affordability of a cloud solution to diverse vertical markets:

Discrete and process manufacturers | Aerospace | Defense | Medical devices | Automotive  Industrial manufacturing | Food and beverage | Consumer packaged goods

Apps / Solutions

Fuuz interfaces seamlessly with the following apps/solutions:

MES | IIoT | PLC Integration | Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) | Transportation | eCommerce | Process Automation | Shipping | EDI | Mobile apps | HMIs for the shop floor | OCR to scan docs | And more

Executive Biographies

Craig Scott

founder, MFGx

Craig Scott is an expert in digital transformation. A manufacturing entrepreneur, he leads MFGx, which he founded in 2018, specializing in integrations of software solutions for the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution industries via its flagship no code cloud app Fuuz™.

Over the past 20 years, Craig has identified problems in manufacturing and created companies and solutions to solve them. He operated a metal fabrication shop and honed his expertise at several manufacturers as CAD Designer, Engineering Manager, General Manager and VP of Operations, in addition to Implementation Consultant at Plex. He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering design and a master’s degree in Manufacturing Administration from Central Michigan University.

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