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Fuuz Launches New Customer Support

Fuuz Launches New Customer Support Online Community and Application Monitoring Services


A new online community and application monitoring services are helping Fuuz customers in all industries gain the support and insight they need to improve productivity. Fuuz by MFGx is a Michigan-based manufacturing and integration platform that delivers pre-built applications such as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and provides the ability to integrate with most software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

“Customer support is built into Fuuz’s culture,” said Craig Scott, founder and CEO of Fuuz. “We set manufacturers up for success from the beginning with a combination of training, documentation, online communities, and remote monitoring of customizable software that combines autonomy and access to expertise for the users.”

Fuuz by MFGx empowers companies through multiple channels for customer support along with system enhancements that continue to make their platforms the top choice in the manufacturing industries:

The online customer portal, Fuuz Community, invites manufacturers to dive into extensive documentation or reach out to our experts and partners about system enhancement field-level help for Manufacturing Execution System, Production Monitoring, Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and other apps.

The Fuuz computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is fundamental for users to proactively track assets, maintenance planning, equipment performance monitoring and subsystems all on one intuitive dashboard as an extension of the Fuuz MES solution.

The new 2023.5 system-wide application offers continuous remote monitoring of the platform to reduce unnecessary plant downtime. It creates the opportunity for manufacturers to enroll in annual support agreements to draw on Fuuz expertise and optimize their platform configurations and customizations. Customer-centric features are being added throughout the year to ease workflows and adapt to the ongoing business requirements across industries.

“We have seen manufacturers become more self-sufficient and even minimize the use of in-house development talent with the bounty and clarity of the Fuuz resources and experts,” Scott shared.

New technology and upgrades can be resource-intensive which is why Fuuz integrates multiple platforms into a single, seamless system with ongoing updates. At the root of success, it is the Fuuz training and customer support systems that empower businesses to implement changes independently, ensuring seamless updates and upgrades without impacting the core codebase. Teams do not have to learn new systems all the time, they just need to get up to speed on the main Fuuz systems to run the business and the plant floor with an integration of the ERP and MES systems.
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About Fuuz
Fuuz® powered by MFGx is a next-generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with supportive processes that help companies of all sizes gain full visibility into their global operations, automate manual processes and accelerate their digital transformation — without the expense of new enterprise software. Fuuz MES can be extended with Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and other pre-built industrial SaaS apps, as well as platform tools for rapid application development and integrations for all major ERPs, homegrown apps, payroll and other software solutions manufacturers use every day. MFGx is a Michigan-based manufacturing software company with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in diagnosing and solving software integration problems for discrete and process manufacturers in multiple industries. For more information, visit