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Fuuz® Announces New Gateway Features

Fuuz® Announces New Gateway Features to Enhance IoT Capabilities and Manufacturing Monitoring


Fuuz®, a leading provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, recently introduced new features for its proprietary Fuuz Device Gateway solution that give manufacturers greater communication with equipment, printers, network folders, databases and more for improved production monitoring. “Our focus at Fuuz has always been on empowering manufacturers with cutting-edge technology,” said Craig Scott, founder and CEO of Fuuz. “The latest additions to our Fuuz Device Gateway provide enhanced connectivity, automation and flexibility, enabling our customers to transform their operations and drive productivity to new levels.” The new Fuuz Device Gateway enhancements include:
  • Enhanced IoT Integration and Monitoring Capabilities: Manufacturers can now seamlessly integrate and monitor their Internet of Things (IoT) devices with the new Fuuz MQTT Client Driver. MQTT is a standards-based messaging protocol used for machine-to-machine communication. With this new feature, users can improve their manufacturing and production monitoring, enabling real-time data capture and analysis.
  • Expanded Connectivity Options: The addition of a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) server and client drivers expands the use cases and IoT that can now be connected to Fuuz. This further enhances connectivity options and provides greater flexibility for manufacturers to integrate a wider range of devices and systems into their operations.
  • Enhanced Device Gateway (Beta): The refreshed Device Gateway, currently available in beta, offers a comprehensive solution supporting all IoT needs as an application or service. With new drivers and features, manufacturers can seamlessly connect and monitor their IoT devices, simplifying the digital transformation process.
  • New Device Driver Installation Capabilities: The Fuuz Device Gateway now enables customers to create and install off-the-shelf machine/Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) drivers or develop their own custom drivers. This capability provides manufacturers with increased flexibility and control over their device integrations.
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Server, Relay and Subscriptions: Fuuz’s enhanced Device Gateway now supports additional IoT capabilities with the introduction of an HTTP server, relay and subscriptions. This new protocol adds more flexibility and opens up possibilities for integrating and interacting with IoT devices.
  • SAP Remote Function Call (RFC) Connector Capabilities: Fuuz now offers a direct SAP RFC connector, allowing customers to connect their Fuuz MES directly to SAP environments without the need for middleware. This streamlined integration saves time, reduces costs and avoids costly SAP upgrades to support third-party software integration.
  • Enhanced Device Gateway Auto Updates: The Device Gateway now automatically updates itself when new enhancements are rolled out. This upgrade alleviates IT concerns by ensuring that the Device Gateway is always up to date with the latest features and improvements.
The Fuuz Device Gateway meets Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPCUA) standards for machine-to-machine communication as well as requirements of the IEC61784-3 standards for security. “With these new Device Gateway features, Fuuz continues to deliver on our commitment to providing manufacturers with a comprehensive and robust MES solution that drives productivity and connectivity throughout their operations,” Scott said. For more information about Fuuz and its MES software, please visit the website at About Fuuz Fuuz® powered by MFGx is a next-generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with supportive processes that help companies of all sizes gain full visibility into their global operations, automate manual processes and accelerate their digital transformation — without the expense of new enterprise software. Fuuz MES can be extended with Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and other pre-built industrial SaaS apps, as well as platform tools for rapid application development and integrations for all major ERPs, homegrown apps, payroll and other software solutions manufacturers use every day. MFGx is a Michigan-based software integration company with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in diagnosing and solving software integration problems for discrete and process manufacturers in multiple industries. For more, visit