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New Year, New Production Scheduling Capabilities

New Year, New Production Scheduling Capabilities for the Fuuz MES Platform

Streamline your manufacturing workflows with enhancements to the  Fuuz MES Platform’s production scheduling engine


As manufacturers ring in the new year, new calendar features from the Fuuz® MES Platform can help keep workflows on track for the next 365 days and beyond. Fuuz is a next-generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution with supportive processes that help companies of all sizes gain visibility into their global operations, automate manual processes, and accelerate their digital transformation — without the expense of new enterprise software.

“Most manufacturers use capacity planning to plan and schedule production across different departments involved in resource utilization, but you also need to use the right type of production scheduling to get the job done as efficiently as possible,” said Craig Scott, founder and CEO of Fuuz. “Fuuz uses a combination of visual calendars with shift definitions, planned jobs and resources to calculate capacity planning.”

The flexibility of the Fuuz MES Platform allows users to access the basic schema to add calendars to new apps and views they create. With its user-friendly interface, manufacturers can create, visualize and maintain calendars to support overall resource management and organization.

The latest release for Fuuz calendar features allows customers to link calendar events to resource allocation and access views of resource utilization along with a wide range of Fuuz-built and custom scheduling applications. The new features include:

  • Visual Calendar: Drag and drop the toolset for any date/time-bound functionality such as scheduling resources, viewing employee availability, or triggering integrations.
  • Calendar Events: Create singular or recurring calendar blocks of time with descriptions and categories to illustrate availability.
  • Label and color groups of events across work centers that are linked with a common characteristic (e.g., work order) in the improved interface with time zones, all-day events and repeating events
  • Employ different scheduling use cases with the reserved and allocated calendar event types
  • Calendar Resources: Configure the calendar to add or display the events organized by a specific resource, all existing resources, or a new resource (e.g., rooms, people or machinery) in the desired time grid.

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About Fuuz

Fuuz® by MFGx is a next-gen Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform designed for companies seeking full operational visibility, process automation and rapid digital transformation. With pre-built manufacturing modules, seamless integrations to all business systems, and over 20 years of proven expertise, Fuuz stands as the optimal solution for manufacturers aiming to streamline operations and accelerate their digital evolution. Explore the future of manufacturing at