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Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Gains Real-Time Visibility with Fuuz MES

The Challenge

A global pharmaceutical firm was contending with serious challenges. Its existing systems couldn’t keep up with rapidly evolving regulations, and end-to-end traceability was lacking for some of its products. Pharmaceutical manufacturing is one of the most regulated industries in the world, with companies facing an estimated 11,505 restrictions in the U.S. alone. 

The manufacturer wanted to streamline compliance initiatives and reduce incidents. This is a priority for many in the pharmaceutical industry, as companies in the U.S. spend about $5.5 million on compliance per year, and a single incident can cost a manufacturer nearly $20,000. The manufacturer was also struggling to maintain rigorous standards for quality assurance due to supply chain complexities and challenges tracking products from raw materials through finished goods.

The Fuuz MES Solution

The pharmaceutical company found everything it was looking for and more in Fuuz MES. The solution has robust product traceability and genealogy capabilities that enabled the manufacturer to comply with stringent regulatory requirements with ease.

The manufacturer needed real-time monitoring for every process in its production line and recognized Fuuz MES could quickly detect any deviations from set standards. The solution also offers integrated batch and lot tracking capabilities that would ensure complete traceability from a product’s origin as raw materials to its final form as a finished product.

Another benefit is that Fuuz MES uses pre-built connectors to integrate seamlessly with all major ERPs, homegrown apps and the software solutions that manufacturers use every day. The manufacturer integrated Fuuz MES with its quality management system (QMS) and the systems worked in harmony to ensure that every product leaving the factory was of the highest quality.

The Result

Fuuz MES brought about transformative change in the pharmaceutical company’s operations. Real-time monitoring and integrated traceability reduced the risk of noncompliance with regulatory standards, saving the company from costly fines and potential damage to its reputation.

The quality of products significantly improved thanks to the seamless integration between Fuuz MES and the company’s existing QMS. This led to a substantial decrease in product recalls and an increase in consumer trust, which subsequently boosted sales.

Another major advantage of Fuuz MES is its robust data management capabilities. This provided the company with insights into its operations, allowing it to optimize its production processes and support informed decision-making with real-time data. As a result, the company saw improved operational efficiency and a substantial reduction in waste, which led to additional cost savings.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer’s success underscores the scalability and flexibility of Fuuz MES. The solution helped solve complex challenges that are common in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and is now the company’s backbone for operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and, ultimately, future growth.


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