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MPI Corp. Accelerates Digital Transformation with the Fuuz MES Platform

Craig Scott

Craig Scott

Founder and CEO of MFGx, the Creator of Fuuz

MPI Corporation works with the Fuuz® Platform to create more efficient processes.

When we say that the Fuuz team is dedicated to the success of our partners, it’s more than pretty words. We mean it wholeheartedly and are committed to forming long-lasting partnerships that extend long after a project’s technical completion.

Complex challenges that are unique to your manufacturing business and seemingly impossible to solve are the types of problems the Fuuz team gets excited over – because we know a solution is out there, and we’re going to find it. So, when MPI Corporation, an established investment holding company with a portfolio dedicated to producing metal-formed parts of automotive and other industries, came to Fuuz with a challenge, we were ready to dive in to fill in the gaps. Here’s how we did it.

Closing the Gap on Digital Transformation Initiatives

In 2013, MPI updated its legacy ERP solution to a modernized system, and while the new system worked well, it also required a significant number of customizations. Their business model was nuanced and complex, and that required a system that was also nuanced and complex. So, MPI’s talented IT team worked to build those customizations. They custom-built a customer order entry, creation/process routing/control plans,  planning and scheduling, pricing and contracts, shopping and certification modules, all on top of its cloud ERP data scheme.

Their goal during this process was to customize without adding locally installed solutions, thin clients, and bolt-on applications. They succeeded, but still felt something was lacking. Was there a better solution out there? It felt like they had all the tools but the wrong tool belt to hold everything in a way that made sense.

That’s where the Fuuz MES Platform came in and we’re grateful they found us. Because Fuuz integrated into MPI’s cloud ERP, the MPI team found it immediately easier to use, manage, and maintain. As soon as they extended their platform with Fuuz, they started building solutions in our user-friendly environment, little by little. Soon, every area of the business from the MES, financial, and scheduling levels was in their ERP. They even began running pricing algorithms and calculations, improving productivity, and developing custom solutions that weren’t available before. Pain points were addressed and resolved – feedback that Fuuz loves hearing!

After the project, Mark McDonald, MPI’s Executive Vice President of IT, even mentioned that if they had known about Fuuz initially, they would have built their entire solution in it. This is music to our ears.

Supporting our Partners in Their Problem-Solving Challenges

One of the aspects that set Fuuz apart, and one thatMPI appreciated, was our hands-on approach with our partners. It’s not a matter of purchasing our platform and then fending for yourself. We take pride in mentoring and supporting our partners through their journey of rediscovering manufacturing excellence.

“The team at MFGx/Fuuz has been one of those rare groups that does not just talk about being dedicated to our success, they demonstrate it consistently in their actions. And in solving our issues and needs, they keep in mind the bigger picture of how to evolve Fuuz in a fashion which improves the usability and functionality for the market and not just an individual client,” said Mark.

Our version-less platform means that it’s never outdated and your team only needs to learn one solution instead of potentially a dozen. We are a partner in problem-solving for manufacturers, with a fully integrated solution that will no doubt improve the functionality of your business.

How Is MPI Doing Now?

MPI is in an advanced stage of digital transformation, having found our cloud MES platform to be scalable and flexible. We hope to continue to work with them on several future components of their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture stack.

The ERP-agnostic Fuuz MES Platform gave MPI two concrete things: the toolset to integrate data into and out of its existing ERP and the ability to maintain the system’s full data schema. Now they can accommodate changes to its UI and meet specific user requests faster and more efficiently. Fuuz provides so many more modules to address the various manufacturing needs, including:

Interested in learning more? Read the full MPI Corp. case study and, if you’re looking for solutions like these or have a unique manufacturing enterprise problem, get in touch to find out how the Fuuz MES Platform can help.